Why IT Services Matter To You and Your Business

Reliable it management

In the United States, there are so many types of managed services. These include reliable managed services, computer network maintenance, and managed services benefits and managed services model. If your business used technology in order to help boost productivity, then there is a lot you should know about working with reliable IT management.

Technology is now an intricate part of so many businesses that these people have to hire and work with reliable IT management to make things are sailing smoothly with their business and to maintain productivity. Understand that a survey conducted in the year of 2015 revealed that just about 66% of all businesses surveyed stated they did use an outside IT firm in the last year for their business.

Outsourcing your business in terms of hiring a reliable IT management may be your best bet. You do not have to worry about personally putting an IT helper on your salary and they will be available to help you whenever you need it. One of the main reasons for using a reliable IT management services provider involved enhancing security and compliance for nearly 40% of all businesses.

Another survey was conducted involving managed service providers and it revealed that over 60% of all respondents reported that getting a cloud was a top priority for them. This is another area where reliable IT management can help you. A number of devices that connect to the internet is going to rise from 13 billion to 50 billion by the time we reach 2020 and that is why so many businesses should hire reliable IT management now to get a jump start on the process.

Only less than 40% of all businesses will conduct full-network active vulnerability scans more than once per quarter. Understand that over the past 12 months, just over half of all small to medium-sized businesses were victims of cyber attacks. For over 30% of all business that are victims of a security breach, they had to suffer just about 8 hours of downtime and lost productivity. Keep in mind that in 2014, the cost of a data breach managed to reach $3.5 million.

In Conclusion

The market for managed security services is projected to nearly double by the year of 2020, which means it will go from $17 billion to just about $34 billion over the next few years. As a result, there is no reason for you to not hire a reliable IT management service to help you protect your business. Technology is only going to become more and more common for many businesses not only across the nation but also across the globe. Work to protect yourself and learn to protect your business.