How the Cloud is Transforming the World of IT

Firewall specialists

New technology like the cloud and the use of mobile devices for work as well as personal purposes is transforming the world of IT. Remote cloud hosting make sense for enterprises for a number of reasons, including cost, flexibility, efficiency and security. Remote cloud hosting can handle all IT functions including security. With firewall support and firewall experts, user data is highly secure and companies that have switched to the cloud regularly use it to transfer sensitive information.

Why businesses are choosing cloud hosting
In the span of just a few short years, the world of IT has been transformed. Enterprises and IT directors are discovering the benefits of meraki access points and transferring their operations to the cloud hosting services. These benefits include lower costs and greater efficiency, as well as meraki support.
Many people who have not tried them have some questions about the security of remotely hosted IT services. However those companies that have already made the shift report that they have experienced no problems in this area. In fact, with meraki consultants and firewall experts, they have all the IT support and backup needed, if it becomes necessary.

Benefits of the cloud
Enterprises that shift their IT operations to the cloud find that their costs decrease significantly. As many as 82% of all companies that have moved to the cloud report savings in day to day operations. In addition, they have access to meraki equipment and firewall experts for the smooth functioning of all operations that rely on IT services, that is, all of them.
Cloud hosting enables companies to improve and streamline operations across all departments. The vast majority, or 80% of companies that have adopted cloud services see an improvement within six months. Cloud hosting of IT not only reduces costs, but it also gives employees greater flexibility to access information remotely and across departments.

The demand for cloud services is growing
With all these benefits, it?s no surprise that more and more companies around the world are choosing cloud service. Worldwide, Cisco Meraki already connects 2 million devices, and this number is projected to keep rising.
Meraki resellers provide all three elements of cloud computing. This gives companies the flexibility to choose the infrastructure, platform and software they need without a major investment in upgrading their IT departments. They also benefit from the services of firewall experts. Over half of all enterprises that use the cloud also use it to transfer sensitive and confidential information.

The world of IT has been transformed with the rapid growth of cloud services. With many benefits like lower costs, greater efficiency and flexibility, and firewall experts, business enterprises are switching their IT operations to the cloud.