The #1 Reason To Utilize Cloud Services Brokers in 2016

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What’s the number one reason to take advantage of cloud services brokerage as you migrate to the cloud in 2016 and beyond? Simple, because everyone else is doing it. No, really, the cloud brokerage market is projected to grow from just $225.4 million in 2013 to more than $2 billion by 2018. That’s an annual growth rate of 55.3% per year, the kind of growth rate most industries would kill for.

If peer pressure isn’t enough to convince you to learn more about cloud brokerage services, then how about this — cloud service brokerage will save your organization money. Whether you’re a business or governmental agency, the best cloud brokers can plan a detailed cloud migration and save you money in the process.

The cloud service brokerage market works like any other broker service you’re familiar with. Cloud broker companies deal in extremely high volume, which allows them to lock in better rates with the upper tier of cloud-based services providers. So if you’re looking to save your enterprise money as you migrate your information technology services and data storage to the cloud, then a reliable cloud broker is your best chance of cutting costs.

Plus, cloud brokers can advise your organization on the best way to develop a comprehensive security and backup recovery plan. Many cloud clients believe that the cloud IS a backup recovery plan, and it can be. However, many companies continue to maintain on-site data storage for sensitive material, and still require backup recover services. For companies who are moving all their information on the cloud, cloud brokers can offer access to the most advanced managed security services available for the cloud. How is that possible?

Because many governmental and health care organizations have already migrated to the cloud, many cloud services providers have had to find solutions for HIPAA compliance. If you have similar compliance requirements, or if you just want a similar level of protection for your data, then finding your own cloud services brokers should be your top priority as you move into the 2016 business cycle.