How Cloud Service Broker Companies Can Secure Your Company’s Assets

Cloud computing

As a society, we are capable of feats only dreamed about by our predecessors just ten years ago. With the innovation of the Cloud to store and share data seamlessly across millions of users, information can travel instantaneously across the globe. Many businesses have adopted the Cloud model for their online storage needs, including the United States government. The government plans to reduce its data center infrastructure expenditure by nearly 30% by using a government Cloud security model. Cloud use is only expected to grow, as the global market projections for cloud equipment is expected to reach $79.1 billion by 2018. When it comes to security and efficiency, don’t leave your data exposed; Cloud service broker companies are available to help secure your business’ most sensitive materials.

Cloud Services for Business
Nearly 59% of large businesses use Cloud storage as it helps to improve the integration between development and operations. About 60% of companies use the public Cloud and 57% use a private Cloud server. Up to 19% of companies have adopted a hybrid Cloud service that uses elements of both the public and private Cloud. Although there are numerous reasons to use Cloud services, there is an inherent risk when data is stored online as hackers and even ex-employees can potentially steal company data. Protect your company with Cloud service broker companies to protect and secure your company’s secrets.

Cloud Assessment Services
With the growing need for security, nearly 52% of organizations have either upgraded or plan to upgrade their existing Cloud services within the next year. Up to 80% of businesses are planning on integrating a governance policy for their Cloud use. Cloud services can often include IT security training for the Cloud; nearly half of companies are employing this service today. Cloud service customers rank reliability as the most important quality a Cloud provider can have before cost and the ability to integrate with existing infrastructure. Give your company the piece of mind it needs to thrive; invest in Cloud security and management services today.
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