Stand By Generators Can Help the 35 Million Americans Who Lose Power Each Week

Electricity is crucial in the modern world. Most of our day-to-day activities rely on the usage of power. For this reason, most businesses and homeowners are investing in power backup systems.

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Stationary battery maintenance

According to the Briggs and Stratton Corporation, an estimated 3.5 Americans lose power to their home each week. With many of these households relying on electricity for medical reasons, many are opting to get stationary battery installations in their home. During Natural Preparedness Month, Briggs and Stratton recommend that more houses should consider battery energy storage systems to ensure that they can get through any emergency safely and comfortably.

Left in the Dark

Briggs and Stratton are using the National Preparedness Month as a way to remind overs that preparing for unexpected emergencies ahead of time will keep family members safe during an emergency. Their research shows that 14 million American residents will spend a portion of this month ?in the dark? due to unexpected outages. They suggest that families should invest in a backup power solution, such as a stationary battery.

What are stationary batteries?

Stationary batteries, commonly known as stand by generators, are one of the most common backup power solutions for homeowners and businesses. These systems hook up directly to the electrical grid, and turn on only when the power from the grid is cut. Stand by generator installation is recommended for buildings in areas where there are frequent emergencies that cause the power to go out, such as frequent natural disasters.

Long Term Back Up

Stationary batteries differ from portable generators, which can only offer so much power during an emergency. While portable generators can only run a few essential appliances, stationary batteries can handle high-wattage appliances, such as A/C units, stoves, and dryers. Stationary batteries are hooked up directly to your home?s propane or natural gas line, and turns on automatically when the power is out. If your home or office experiences frequent outages, a stationary battery is the best solution for long term power back up.