Keeping Sane: 11 Tips on How to Work From Home

Many people have had to begin working from home because of the pandemic. While 47% of people are happy to live and work from home, the majority of people are struggling to adjust. The lack of socialization and a forced structured routine can be mentally difficult to navigate. If you live with others, constant distractions can kill your productivity. Here are 11 tips on how to work from home and maintain your sanity.

Working from Home 101

There are a few tips on how to work from home you should know that can immensely help you out when you’re first starting out. It can be difficult to separate your work and personal life when it’s all happening under the same roof. Designate a quiet spot in your home to be a workspace. Eliminate distractions such as the TV and your cell phone.

Maintain a routine where you clock in and out at the same time each day. It’s all too easy to find yourself working long hours without a break when you work from home. Having a structured routine can help you boost your productivity, which can help you maintain your sanity. It may be tempting to work in your pajamas all day, but getting dressed for work while at home can be beneficial for your mental health. Take scheduled breaks just like you would at any other job.

Eat Healthy Meals

When considering tips on how to work from home, your eating habits can become significantly unhealthy if you’re not careful. You can become more likely to snack on sweets or chips as you work on your computer. This can cause you to eat too much because you won’t be paying attention to how much you’re consuming. You can combat this by making healthy meals and varying your diet with new recipes. Experiment with making a healthier version of an old tradition, such as your Grandma’s banana bread recipe.

Stock up on fruits and vegetables you can easily grab when you feel the snacking mood coming on. Prepare meals in advance and freeze them to reheat on busy days. Avoid buying items at the grocery store that you know are going to tempt you throughout the day. Drink plenty of water to help you avoid feeling hungry. Schedule breaks throughout the day to refuel away from your workspace.

Spruce Up Your Workspace

Sprucing up your workspace is one of the best tips on how to work from home and maintain sanity. Plants can help boost oxygen levels in your workspace to boost your concentration and productivity levels. They can also help you relieve stress and boost your mood. Buy your favorite bouquet at a local flower shop to put in your workspace. Use essential oils to freshen and clean the air in your workspace and make it feel more inviting.

Use a file cabinet to keep all your business documents organized. Hang artwork or inspiring quotes you enjoy on the walls. Add comfort items such as a soft rug under your feet at your desk and candles you can light. Bring color into your workspace with painted furniture or desk accessories. By sprucing up your workspace, you will enjoy working in it more, which can make you more productive.

Spruce Up Your Home

If your home is cluttered and disorganized, it can negatively impact your mental health as you learn how to work from home. Clutter can also destroy your productivity because it will be nagging at the back of your mind while you try to work. Take care of anything that may be a major distraction for you. Clean and put away the piles of laundry and organize the stacks of paper that have been sitting there for months. Donate items you no longer need or want to make it easier for you to keep things clean.

Hire a tree trimming service to get rid of the branches that may be blocking the natural light from coming into your home and workspace. Make your bed every morning and wash your dishes at night. If you have others living with you, delegate household chores to keep from feeling overwhelmed. You can stay on top of laundry by throwing a load in the washer before you start working and using your breaks throughout the day to rotate and start new loads. If you can afford it, you may want to consider hiring a cleaning service to tidy up a few hours each week.

Build a New Workspace

If you have children at home, it can have a significant impact on how you effectively work from home. You may want to build a new workspace to help you eliminate constant distractions. You don’t need to hire a contractor to make an expensive renovation. Think about what existing space you already have that you can turn into an office area. You can carve out some workspace by taking over an unused room or converting a closet into an office.

When building your new workspace, you may want to consider proper lighting. There are sun control systems available such as retractable shades that can reduce glare on your computer screen. If you don’t have a window, you can use a table or floor lamp. Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit and access to everything you need to get your work done. If the space doesn’t have a door, you can use curtains to create separation from the rest of the house.

Treat Yourself to Something New Outside of the House

Treating yourself for your hard work is another excellent tip for working from home and maintaining your sanity. Schedule time each week to get out of the house and do something just for you. Reward yourself with that beautiful necklace or watch you saw at the jewelry store. Get a haircut, go shopping for a new outfit, or get a relaxing massage. Do something you have never done before.

If you love to be outdoors, make plans to go camping or hiking with your friends on the weekend. Rent or borrow a friend’s Jeep and go off on a road trip. Burn off the tension and stress fritting all week by enrolling in a dance class or going to the gym. Take an afternoon off work and visit the park to read your favorite book. Take a class or watch a new film at the local cinema.

Find a Hobby

Having a hobby can help you keep your sanity when it comes to tips on how to work from home. A hobby can help you reduce stress and boost your creativity at work. The key is to find an activity you enjoy that brings you excitement. You may want to look for an activity that you can share with your family to get some social interaction in at the same time. Take advantage of your breaks during your workday to engage in your hobbies to help keep you energized.

If you are good with your hands, you may want to try some arts and crafts like making your own face mask. Learn how to play the guitar or piano. You may want to learn a new language or upgrade your culinary and baking skills. Get some sun by working on a garden in your backyard. Other hobbies you can try are writing, drawing, painting, knitting, and birdwatching.

Catch Up With Friends and Family

Keeping connected with others is essential when it comes to tips on how to work from home and maintain your sanity. Social isolation can lead to higher anxiety and depression levels. Get out of the house at least once a week to visit family and friends. It can be easy to get sucked into social media while working from home, but it’s not a healthy substitute. There are numerous ways you can get the interaction you need in real life and still be able to work from home.

You can visit your elderly relative in a senior care facility or meet a friend for lunch at a cafe. Get a babysitter and have a romantic date night with your spouse or significant other. If you can’t physically meet because of social distancing restrictions, use videoconferencing and messaging technology to catch up with friends and family. You can add variety to your work routine by heading to a local coffee shop to work. It can give you the opportunity to be around others and potentially make some new friends.

Plan a Fun Outing

Another one of the great tips on how to work from home and maintain your sanity is to plan a fun outing to look forward to at least once a month. Your outing can be as extravagant as a limo rental for a night on the town or as simple as a weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast. Getting out to let loose every once in a while can help you gain a new perspective or overcome a rut at your business. If you have employees, you can plan a fun outing to reward them for all their hard work. This can help everyone increase their creativity and productivity levels when it’s time to get back to work.

Take some time to do something fun with your kids or significant other. Working from home gives you the flexibility to schedule work the way you want to. Go to the zoo together or play at the park. Get some ice cream at a local parlor. Visit the beach and get some much-needed sun. Take a mini road trip and explore nearby areas you’ve never been to before.

Look Into Your Future

As your business grows, you may want to think about acquiring an office space outside your home. Help keep your sanity as you deal with how to work from home by envisioning what that might look like. You may need to expand your workspace as you add employees in the future. Research the property listing section of your newspaper or visit real estate websites online. Ask a real estate agent about office space that may be available for rent.

There are many entrepreneurs who work together in a co-working space. This can give you the space you need to get work done without having to pay a lot in overhead expenses. You may also be able to network with others to help build your business. It also provides the opportunity for social interaction so you don’t drive yourself crazy while working from home. You won’t have to worry about how to work from home with distractions from your family that can affect your business, such as kids or pets interrupting important business calls.

Stay Active

Another one of the tips on how to work from home to consider is your level of physical activity. When you go to a job, you get up and move throughout the day as you engage in your work activities. When you work from home, there is little motivation to get up and move. Being sedentary for long periods of time can cause serious health conditions. It’s important to find ways to get up from your workspace at least once an hour to move your body.

Before you start your workday at home, engage in a short workout or a stretch routine. This can help energize you for the day. You can find free workout videos online. Throughout the day, get up and stretch for about 10 minutes every hour. Get in some yoga or a workout in at the gym during your lunch hour.

Working from home will look different for each person, but many of the challenges are still the same. Use these tips on how to work from home to help you maintain your sanity as you get used to being your own boss or to working remotely. Be patient and flexible with your expectations. By taking steps to keep yourself organized, you can maintain your sanity while building a thriving business. Take action to help you improve how you work from home today!