4 Tips For Installing a Sprinkler System

If you’re here, you’ve probably already made the decision to have a fire sprinkler system installation. Like any other step in ensuring that a space is up to the required building codes, there is a way to go about it that will make the process simpler and easier.

1. Choose a Trustworthy Fire Sprinkler Company

The first step to a fire sprinkler system installation is choosing a company to perform the installation. Make sure to check the company’s website for information, pricing, and reviews. Talk with a representative from the company if you can so that you can make sure any questions that you have about the process can be answered. Choosing a company that will meet all of your needs and work with you will make the entire installation process much smoother and easier.

2. Make Sure to Double Check Your Fire Sprinkler Design

When it comes to the practical design, make sure that you double-check all of the plans for the fire sprinkler system. The sprinklers should not be too close to the ceiling or blocked by any large obstructions. Making either of these mistakes would make your fire sprinkler system less effective in the case of a fire, and this contradicts the purpose of having a fire sprinkler system installed.

3. Look at Other Fire Sprinkler System Layout Examples

When you are double-checking your fire sprinkler system design, one way to see how other fire sprinkler contractors have dealt with any specific issues in your space is to look at other fire sprinkler system layout examples. In doing so, you can check to see how others have dealt with similar issues to make safe and effective fire sprinkler designs.

4. Run a Test of the Fire Sprinkler System

After your fire sprinkler system installation, make sure to test out your new fire suppression system to make sure it works properly. Despite going through the past three steps to make your installation as smooth as possible, there may be some unforeseen issues with the equipment. It is much better to test out the system when it isn’t needed than to need your sprinkler system only to discover that it does not function as it should.

Proper design and installation are the keys to having an effective fire suppression system. With the help of these tips, you will have a smooth, easy fire sprinkler installation process, and you will have protection against any fires that may occur in the future.