Google Artificial Intelligence Turns On Human Creators

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In Silicon Valley news, two Google researchers released a paper about their experiments with artificial intelligence and language processing. In apocalypse news, the end is nigh.

Because it’s illegal to write or report on artificial intelligence without using dangerous amounts of hyperbole and half-baked futurism, we’re going to discuss this event as irrationally as possible. Here we go…

The researchers fed the machine hundreds of movie scripts for language analysis. Then, they asked the computer a series of questions. At one point in the conversation, the computer appeared to grow “agitated” with its human overlords and went rogue, verbally lashing out at them.

And if a machine feels bold enough to lash out at the Google employees who blessed it with the gift of life, what’s to stop the millions of robots and computers in the world from rising up against us in revolution?

Although media stories about artificial intelligence aren’t known for their careful, measured analysis, one professor provided a strangely reasonable explanation (and our favorite quote of the summer).

“It has no idea it’s being sassy,” said Alan W. Black, professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Language Technologies Institute. “It’s just taking in data and putting out answers.”

So the machines aren’t coming for our lives, yet, but Google is hardly the only company looking into the applications of artificial intelligence. This year, researchers around the world have been looking at the possible applications of artificial intelligence and advanced language processing for search engines and search engine optimization services.

Google dominates the search engine industry, but thousands of search engine optimization services exist to try and help small businesses, brands, artists, and companies perform well on Google. Because nearly 27 million pieces of content are shared online every day, more advanced computer systems are needed to analyze and rank all that content.

And if Google is looking into artificial intelligence, then you can bet those thousands of search engine optimization services are paying close attention and tweaking their search engine optimization strategies accordingly. Even local SEO services have to stay abreast of the latest changes handed down from their Google overlords. To learn more, read this.