3 Ways Any Business Can Improve Its Mobile Web Design

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The trickiest part of managing any professional website isn’t necessarily understanding exactly how to create a responsive web design or knowing why a good web design is necessary for digital marketing optimization — the most difficult part is really just staying on top of all the Google algorithm updates that occur without any warning.

Most recently, Google has put a strong emphasis on the quality of mobile web designs, so if you’re still wondering how you can create a great mobile web design for your business, here are a few basic — but incredibly important — tips to get you started:

  1. Mobile websites aren’t just smaller versions of the original pages. A mobile-optimized site includes a different layout and a different set of keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags that will help optimize the page for mobile searches. If you simply squish the same things into your mobile web design at the same proportions, internet users will get very frustrated with your website (and will probably leave).

  2. The buttons need to be big enough for an adult fingertip. You might be tempted to downsize the buttons for touchscreen devices in order to fit as much stuff in as possible, but remember that the majority of adults using these devices have not been blessed with ultra-skinny fingers. It’s generally a good idea to make the button sizes at least 50px by 50px, and make sure to leave spaces between the buttons no smaller than 20px and no greater then 32px.

  3. Get rid of unnecessary widgets, videos, and large pictures. First, these will bog down the system and make the load time slower. Second, they’ll take up valuable space where important content should be. Third, the majority of internet users on mobile devices are searching for the basic information of your business — location, hours of operation, services, products, pricing, etc. Leave the extra content for your traditional website.

So now it’s up to you — do you think these are good starter tips, or do you have anything else to suggest that we left out? We’d love to hear your feedback!