3 Must-Do Marketing and Advertising Tips For Online Marketing

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Marketing and advertising tips are a dime a dozen. Anyone can have an opinion but, as you know, you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet! What do you trust and what do you not? It’s hard to say, really, but there are a few things nearly all marketing and advertising experts can agree on. And when it comes to Internet marketing services, the tenets are uncanny.

Internet marketing experts agree that no matter what, there are at least three things you must keep in mind when developing your company’s website and online marketing strategies:

    Create a Budget: This might seem obvious but a common reason why marketing strategies fail is because companies spent too much or too little on their projects. A fine balance is key to any successful marketing effort. It depends on the scope of your strategy and the size of your business to determine how much you should spend but in terms of how to spend it, the rundown should look like this: 15% Planning, 25% Interface Design, 40% Programming, and 20% Project Management

    . This will give your marketing strategy enough breathing space to develop and grow.

    Keep Up to Date: A brilliant marketing plan is all well and good until it becomes outdated. The fast-paced world of website design and maintenance needs web designers and marketers that keep up to date with the latest practices and trends. Otherwise your strategy is only as good as your last success.

    DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself): DDIY is a must for online marketing. Without professional website designers and marketers, you won’t have the expertise and tools necessary for the job. Did you know, for exmaple, that companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages on average than those that don’t? Did you also know that 81% of businesses deem their blogs to be “important” to their website? Are you aware that search engines are the primary driver of Internet traffic? If you didn’t, then your organic marketing strategy can only go so far.

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