An Introduction to Geo-Spatial Marketing

Geospatial data

Geospatial data has helped scientists in many fields gain a better understanding of our Earth, but it has also truly helped businesspeople and marketers gain a better understanding of people and their distribution. Believe it or not, but this understanding has helped advertisers and product developers figure out the best way to market, package, and distribute a product or service. This field, known as geospatial data analysis, relies on demographic reporting and location intelligence software to gather and analysis information like census data and other population statistics.

One popular method, called geospatial data mining, describes the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data mining systems, which are used in combination to provide powerful market insights. This method can be useful across many, many fields, including banking, telecom, political campaigning, real estate, and retail.

What this method can really do is answer some very critical questions that will guide the direction of a marketing campaign. These questions include:

Within one mile of a proposed site or product release, what are: business populations, residential populations, and average annual incomes.?

Where do my best customers live? Where do they walk, drive, and bike? Do they use public transportation?

What competitive choices do my customers have in their area?

Demographic reporting can tell you all of this, and more, so that you can create a comprehensive idea of who your customer is and how best to cater to them.

And map technology has made it easier than ever to make maps that reflect your exact business interests. For instance, you might want to have a map made to portray regions in terms of zip codes or land use, lines, like transit routes or natural barriers, or points, documenting the location of competitors, customer locations, or more. Maps of all kind can be layered to show the changes over time, which is another great reason to use demographic reporting.

In order to streamline production, it is best to know exactly what your customer wants and needs. Before you open a site, proceed with product development, or start marketing, do your research about your clientele. You definitely won’t be sorry to know more about who you’re serving.