What Can Android Repair Services Fix? Nearly Everyting!

Iphone repair

Most people haven’t heard the word Nomophobia, but can certainly identify with its effects. It refers to the severe anxiety and stress felt by people separated from their cell phones. People are also surprisingly attached to their old phones, and most will be happy to learn that handheld electronic repairs can be a cheaper and better option than replacing them. iPhone and Andriod repair services can work wonders in bringing your phones back to life.

How much do I love thee?
Almost two thirds of all Americans have a smartphone. For nearly one in five, or 19%, their smartphones are their only way to access online information and services. It’s how they stay connected to the world. People use their smartphones for basic tasks like banking, looking for jobs, searching real estate ads and more.
How much do people love and rely on their smartphones? Let us count the ways:

  • Half of all Americans sleep with their cell phones on the nightstand. Or under the pillow. For 18-24 year olds, that figure is 80%.
  • For 15% of all Americans between the ages of 18-29 years, smartphones are their primary means of Internet access.
  • More than half, or 57% of all smartphone owners, use their phones for online banking.
  • As many as 44% of smartphone owners use their devices to look at real estate listings or to find information concerning a place to live.
  • Up to 43% of smartphone owners use their phones to look for a job; 18% use their phones to apply for jobs.
  • Four out of ten or 40% of smartphone owners use their phone to find information on government services.
  • Nearly a third, or 30% of all smartphone owners use their phones to take an online class or to search for educational content.

What can android repair services fix?
Given the extent to which we rely on our cell phones, it’s nor surprising that we feel their lack very keenly. In fact, a new word, Nomophobia, or no-mobile-phone phobia, has been coined to describe the symptoms of anxiety and stress suffered by 55% of the population deprived of their cell phones.
But if something does go wrong, never fear. Just bring your cell phone to the repair shop. No matter what the problem is, iPhone and Andriod repair services can fix practically anything that’s broken, from the front glass to back cover and everything in between. This includes battery replacement, fixing the home button, SIM card holder, camera (yes, even that), volume, charge and data port, and more. They can even repair water damage.
Repair or replace?
When you consider the costs of iPhone or Andriod repair v. the cost of getting a new one, the cell phone repair almost always works out cheaper. It’s also a better option in many ways: after all, you’ve spent time customizing your phone, from the wallpaper to ringtone. You’ve become fond of its quirks and want to use for as long as possible. Your local cell phone repair services make that possible.

Even though Apple has released nine generations of cell phones, newer is not always better. There are still those swear by their iPhone 3Gs, and would hate to be parted from them. For these diehards, the local cell phone repair company is their best friend.

An iPhone or Andriod repair company can work wonders and bring your cell phone back to life when you thought all was lost. After all, it’s a good chunk of life and work on that small handheld device.