How An IT Consulting Firm Can Help Your Company Confront Technology

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Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of running a small business is that of IT services. Usually, business IT solutions are handed off to office administrators or managers. The difficulty is that very rarely do these administrators or managers know how to handle IT services on their own. This is nothing to be ashamed of. The IT issues that can plague a small business are varied, and some of them can only be handled by a professional. On the other hand, some issues are small and can easily be dismissed or overlooked. But they build up over a period of time, resulting in a much bigger problem than anyone would expect. Our dependence on technology in turn means that those problems can cause a business to experience slowed production rates, issues with payrolls, and much more. This is why so many find themselves turning to IT consulting firms. Contrary to popular belief, IT consulting firms are not just meant to be called when a major problem crops up. They can also teach clients how too deal with run of the mill things like the speed of your computer, downloads, and security. Let’s look into a few ways that IT companies can make using technology at work easier, smoother, and safer.

IT Security: Keeping Companies Safe

Security is a major concern in terms of the world wide web. Many people don’t know quite how to deal with it, unfortunately. They assume that a simple antivirus program will be enough to keep their computers safe. This is not the case. Cybersecurity breaches can occur with company phones and tablets — not just computers. Furthermore, the information that can be stolen can range from company secrets to employees’ personal information. Fewer companies are prepare for security breaches than you might think. It’s estimated that only 38% of global organizations believe that they are prepared for a cybersecurity attack. About 70% of such attacks include a combination of phishing and hacking techniques, involving a secondary victim as well as a primary one. The risk of such breaches aren’t just personal — they can also be financial. On average, the global cost per each lost or stolen record containing confidential information was about $154. Healthcare had the highest cost per stolen record, at $363 per record. An IT consulting firm can help a small business keep its security as tight as possible, without sacrificing the ease of access necessary for everyday functions.

Multi-Device Usage: Being As Efficient As Possible

There are many different things to keep in mind when trying for efficiency in the workplace. Some might not think that adding more devices to the roster would increase efficiency, but it actually can. Most employees are probably familiar with using devices like smartphones and tables anyway. Giving them company smartphones and tablets just makes it easier for them to work from home or on the job when necessary. At times, however, some employees don’t know how to use the devices they must. In that case, IT support can help introduce them to new techniques that will make working a bit easier. Remember that the majority of users at 58% use three to four devices on a daily basis. It’s just that some techniques may not be as familiar to them as others.

Runtimes: Streamlining Your Computer

Sometimes, a computer may seem too old or too damaged for use because it runs slowly. This leads companies to throwing away computers that they could still use. This equals a lot of wasted money. Luckily, you can get the most out of your computer simply by deleting unnecessary files and programs. This increases the efficiency of the computer and frees up more space for files, downloads, and programs that the company actually needs. Of course, it also saves the company money. An IT consulting firm can teach a few techniques that will lead to a faster computer in no time.