8 Professions You Didnt Know Used American Made Electrical Tools

Several countries make tools that electricians use to accomplish various tasks. America, for instance, is known to produce tools that offer better quality service compared to tools made in other countries. They are often more durable and have a better warranty period. Moreover, American manufacturers provide a better customer experience compared to other manufacturers. While it goes without saying that electrical tools are important assets of electricians, they also find applications in several other industries. This article lists the eight professions, unknown to many, that use American made electrical tools.

Home Renovation Contractors

Home renovation contractors are responsible for home repairs and remodeling. They may perform duties ranging from painting and carpentry to plumbing and paving works inside and outside the house. Generally, they plan, supervise, and execute home construction projects. In some instances, renovations may require hiring excavating contractors to prepare the construction site, excavate the foundation, and grade the land.

Part of home renovations also involves electrical installation and wiring; therefore, contractors often need to do electrical work. In such a case, a contractor may need to hire or subcontract an electrician to perform this task. And in order for the electrician to complete this job successfully, they may need to use high-quality tools. For this reason, most prefer using American made electrical tools, such as screwdrivers, wire strippers, and drills.

Most of these electrical tools used in home renovations made in the U.S. are known to be of the best quality. Tool manufacturers in the United States recognize the value of making the best products. They understand that a tool’s reputation holds a lot of weight, and it can be difficult to repair a good name once tarnished. Therefore, by producing high-quality products like drills and other power tools, these manufacturers gain an advantage over their competitors. Thus, they are able to remain the most preferred choice for many consumers.

Car Repairs

Auto shops specialize in different types of vehicle repairs and maintenance. Some specialize in brakes, engine, and transmission repairs, while others focus on repairing the interior and exterior of automobiles. Additionally, other auto shops, like tire stores, specialize in the selling and installation of new tires and also tire treading. The vehicle’s electrical system is also one common area in many auto shops. Most conventional vehicles have batteries, starters, alternators, and various sensors and switches forming part of their electrical system. It is not uncommon for these parts to be faulty and require repair.

When it comes to performing auto repair for a car’s electrical system, most mechanics prefer using the best quality American made electrical tools. These tools include digital multimeters and voltmeters, oscilloscopes, circuit testers, wire solders, impact drivers, and electrical wiring cables. Auto mechanics understand the advantages of using tools made in the United States. They know they can get accurate results and minimize errors with these tools. And since they are made from high-quality materials and are typically designed with the average user in mind, they are very efficient and user-friendly.

Home Maintenance

Home maintenance projects are key to keeping the home clean and in good shape. They can involve conducting maintenance in several parts of a home, including roofs, driveways, and heating and cooling systems. Other times, home maintenance involves inspecting and repairing the home’s electrical and plumbing systems. Maintaining a plumbing system is crucial because it helps improve the quality of water in a home and enhances the proper operation of water-based appliances. Additionally, it helps prevent water damage by ensuring proper drainage and leak protection.

When it comes to home maintenance, there are numerous tasks that use electrical tools that need to be completed around the house. Maintaining a plumbing system, as mentioned above, is a project that requires the use of electrical tools in addition to wrenches, pipe cutters, flange plungers, and hammers. When conducting maintenance, professional home plumbers, like commercial plumbing services, may use electrical tools like cordless drills, electric hacksaw, adjustable wrenches and plungers, tubing cutters, Teflon tapes, and flashlights.

American made electrical tools frequently find use in home maintenance projects like plumbing, wiring, and access control. One reason for this is that they are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, often lasting longer and performing better than tools from other countries. Because several companies in the U.S. manufacture these tools, there is stiff competition to produce top quality tools at an affordable price. Hence, tools are often less expensive and come with longer warranty periods than in other countries.

Unconventional Vehicle Repairs

Unconventional vehicles include anything from golf carts, motorized foot scooters, bicycles, and autocycles to all-terrain vehicles, mini-trucks, and neighborhood electric vehicles. Unlike conventional auto repairs, fixing unconventional vehicles may sometimes require specific skills and tools. The way a normal mechanic would repair an engine-driven vehicle may not be the same way they repair an electric car, ATV, or motorcycle. The latter may require special training, safety precautions, and unique tools and equipment.

Across the United States, several unconventional dealers sell different types of automobiles. For instance, if you consider Kawasaki dealership there are more than 1500 of them in the U.S., according to Kawasaki’s official website. With several of these unconventional autos around, the U.S. has devoted itself to manufacturing some of the best American made electrical tools to aid in maintenance and repair. Not only are these electrical repair tools high quality, but some are only exclusive to the United States and cannot be found anywhere else.

Some examples of these tools include testing tools, electrical tap sets, and general tools key sets. The scout pro tester tool, for instance, is an excellent instrument for testing electrical circuits in unconventional vehicles. It contains a built-in voltage detector that helps quickly identify and troubleshoot problems. Similarly, the electrical tap set is useful for making connections in unconventional vehicles. This tool includes a set with taps that make it easy for an auto mechanic to tap into electrical circuits without causing damage to the wire. On the other hand, the hex key set is a great set of tools for tightening or loosening screws and bolts.


Metal work is an art, science, and trade that shapes and fabricates metals into useful objects. Common metal work processes involve welding, casting, and forging materials. These processes use power tools to remove materials from their workpiece and form them into desired end products. Unlike other professions, metalworking utilizes heavy machinery and tools that frequently depend on electric power. Some of these tools include electric drills, bench grinders, lathe, deburring machines, bevelling machines, power saws, and foundry machines.

America is home to some of the best companies manufacturing power tools for metalworking. American companies manufacture tools such as welders, riveters, demolition hammers, magnetic drills, and CNC plasma cutting machines. Most fabricators trust American made electrical tools for metal working for their reliability, accuracy, and high-speed performance. The tools make metal cutting and fabrication processes more economical, precise, and safe for workers. Additionally, due to their efficiency, they find use in various other industries such as auto repair and shipbuilding.

Several people have also had a good experience with American electrical tools when it comes to matters of welding. Compared to tools made in other countries, US-made welding tools offer incredible versatility with an indefinitely step-less output allowing for quick tuning of the output current. Moreover, they use a considerable amount of input power, meaning that a welder could use a domestic power source of about 230V and still achieve optimum results. Anyone who has attended master welding classes should not have trouble operating these tools because they are simple and made with the common user in mind.


According to a report by Allied Market Research, the international power tools market size was worth $32.6 million in 2019 and is expected to grow to $48.67 million by 2027. The efficiency and speed of electric power tools in the manufacturing industry have led many manufacturers to replace traditional power tools with modern electrical tools. Not only are these tools eco-friendly, but they are also more energy-efficient, available, and portable. American made electrical tools are made with all these considerations in mind and thus tend to be more preferred by manufacturers than power tools from other countries.

Manufacturers use electrical tools in many different areas. They rely on machines to do the majority of the work while mass producing things. That can include using electrical tools to automate processes, such as product assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping. Besides, these tools can also be used in others areas of a factory for functions such as automating warehouse doors, cranes, and conveyors. In production, the tools help ensure that products meet the specified company standards and that all products are identical. On the other hand, automation helps make production faster, increase efficiency, reduce production time, and minimizes human error.

The list of electrical tools that manufacturers use is endless. Since production differs for factories and contract manufacturers, various electrical tools may find applications in different companies. A networking company, for instance, may need tools such as crimpers, wire strippers, and a cable tester, while an automotive manufacturing company may need power tools like saws, drills, and lathes. Needless to say, some companies use light electrical tools while others use heavy power tools and machinery.

Solar Installation

Another profession that uses American made electrical tools is the solar industry. The United States Energy Information Administration has seen the generation of solar energy rise by 5% in 2022 from 3% in 2020. This industry has been growing steadily in recent years as more and more people are looking to produce their own electricity and reduce utility bills..

Like many other industries, the solar industry depends on using electrical tools and equipment in its operations. During installation, a solar company may use hand tools, power tools, wiring, and connectors. Another useful electronic device common during solar installation is an inverter. This device transforms solar photovoltaic (P.V.) panel-generated direct current (D.C.) power into alternating current (A.C.) power for use on the power grid.

Although electrical solar installation tools aren’t exclusively made in America, the United States produces some of the best tools that can be found anywhere in the world. For instance, various companies in America manufacture essential tools that solar technicians use. A few examples of these tools include digital multimeters, clamp meters, insulation testers, and battery analyzers for solar batteries. These tools are very durable and efficient compared to those made by other countries.

Dental and Ortho

The dental and ortho professions are among some of the most important fields in medicine. Professionals in this sector collaborate to ensure that people have healthy oral hygiene. In order to operate successfully, dentists use a wide range of tools and equipment such as mirrors, x-ray machines, scalers, and probes. More importantly, they use electric tools such as dental amalgamators, drills, handpieces, curation lights, x-ray machines, and lab equipment. These are used in dental procedures and orthodontic services such as tooth extraction, bite correction, and teeth straightening and whitening.

Among the various tools available in the market today, dentists prefer American made electrical tools for their dental services. US-made digital amalgamators, for instance, tend to use an advanced technology not present in other similar products. Manufacturers aim to build reliable and efficient products that can operate at high speed. Additionally, these products are stable when operational and produce no noise, unlike their counterparts. Dentists consider these factors when selecting the best brand to use, as it greatly affects results.

In conclusion, electrical tools are not only used by electricians and electrical companies but also find application in many other professions in addition to the ones mentioned above. Individuals and companies who use American made electrical tools prefer them for their various benefits over tools from other countries. These tools are known to be top quality, durable, affordable, and more reliable than their counterparts. If you are a service or company in need of the best electrical tools for your business, call us today!