4 Reasons a Quality Web Designer is Worth the Cost

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With so many ?easy website? companies out there, it can be tempting to just use a template and call it a day. I mean, it did save you money, right? Actually, the answer is probably not. It may save you money short-term, but in the long run, cutting corners on your website can lead to a loss in profits. A quality website designer is going to cost you a bit of money up front, but the benefits that come with it are undeniably worth it.

First Impressions are Everything

Having a cookie-cutter template design on your website can be an immediate deterrent to potential customers. A website designer can help you create the perfect first impression on your website ? one that captures the potential consumer?s attention while still providing them with all the information they need. Doing both of these things quickly while maintaining a great aesthetic requires an art that templates simply can?t provide. If you aren?t capturing your consumers? attention and providing all the information they?re looking for right away, you may lose that consumer. On average, you have about 10 seconds to do so before the consumer loses interest and leaves. One way to ensure you capture their attention is to have your website designer build a landing page. Landing pages are becoming incredibly popular, with about 68% of B2B businesses using them.

Visual Content is Thriving

With social media becoming the norm, businesses and consumers now seek engaging visual content. Text-heavy websites and dull images will no longer impress the average consumer, let alone businesses that are exposed to engaging visual content regularly. Hiring a web design company can ensure that your website has visual content that?s engaging and appealing. For engaging content outside of your website, you may want to look into hiring PR companies, particularly a B2B ad agency or B2B marketing company (who specialize in B2B content).

Design Influences Consumer Perception

Your website design is not only important for engaging your customers, but also for determining your company?s reputation. Many people base their decisions off of a company?s website. In fact, 48% of people believe that a company?s web design determines a business? credibility. So poor web design could turn one potential customer into a customer who does not return (and who also may tell other potential customers about your company?s lack of credibility).

Online Purchases are More Prevalent Than Ever

In a world filled with technology and social media, online purchases are more prevalent than ever. In fact, in 2011, the web influenced $1.1 trillion in sales. Before online sales, people made their purchases in a physical store. Back when this was the norm, a company wouldn?t dream of making their store look half-done or un-inviting. Now, your website is your store and should be treated as such. Hiring a website designer can ensure that your website is inviting and polished, while also optimizing it for mobile. Since many consumers complete their online purchases using their smart phones, your mobile website is just as, if not more important than your desktop website.

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