The Popularity Of Physical Print In The Digital Age

Wide format

What businesses rely on 24 hour printing? Well, it’s actually a shorter list to look at those who don’t! 24 hour printing services mean physical and digital printing that can be accessed at any time — these printing technologies are a must-have for most businesses even in the digital age and many frequent utilities would stop entirely without them. Everything from advertising to selling magazines and newspapers rely on a steady access to paper, ink, scanners and computer systems. People all across the country work hard to find ways of using 24 hour printing technologies while still taking advantage of the ease of digital communication and, of course, saving money.

Printing Fun Facts

Did you know that over 27 million business cards are printed every single day? That’s nothing to sneeze at! The year 2014 saw U.S. companies spending at least $44 billion on direct mail marketing using 24 hour printing services, despite the Internet changing how we interact with hard copies and making it easier to go digital entirely if desired. Over half of all Americans and Canadians say they still enjoy checking their mailbox for letters. Physical calendars and dated journals remain popular as ever, as well, with frequent customers choosing to use them throughout the year.

Print v.s. Digital

A recent survey saw 76% of small businesses saying their ideal marketing strategy is one that combines both 24 hour printing and digital communication. Customers, despite gravitating toward the affordability and ease of social media and search engines, are still fond of print and will subscribe to magazines, newspapers and independent publishing. Around 73% of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail for brand communications, as well, as it allows them to read at their own convenience. What is the most affordable 24 hour printing option for those looking to get their brand out in the open?

Saving Money On Print

Some turn to digital printing companies, others go entirely digital and physical print remains popular in spite of challenges– how can you save money with 24 hour printing? Outdoor advertising is a less popular gem, found to cost 80% less than television advertising, 60% less than newspaper advertising and 50% less than radio advertising. Location is incredibly important when placing banner printing, as most of your repeat customers will live at least four to five miles within the location of your business. When it comes down to it, ideal advertising is one you feel compliments your marketing strategy the best. No matter your preference, 24 hour printing can meet your needs!