3 Ways Factories Benefit from X-Rays

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Digital radiography is a process in which an image is put onto an imaging plate, and the time needed for exposure is reduced by about 30% to 50%. Computed radiography, in particular, is five times faster than chemical film processing. Technology has come incredibly far over the last few decades, and businesses often struggle to decide what technology will be the most beneficial to them. Digital x-rays provide numerous advantages, and can really take your company to another level. Check out how these machines can help!


Digital x-rays have many advantages, but the biggest one is the accuracy it helps your company achieve. These machines are able to take about 30 frames per second from every angle of your product. This allows you to see even the slightest thing wrong, from a variance in thickness to a tiny crack. From there, you can make changes to make your product the best that it possibly can.


Using an assembly analysis can help you to determine whether or not your product is safe for your consumers. This analysis looks into your products at every angle in order to ensure they are correctly finished. Size isn’t an issue, either — digital x-rays can accommodate parts as small as .5mm and as big as 660mm.

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Consumers are more apt to put their faith in a company that they know cares about the quality of its products. It doesn’t matter whether your consumers are average people or other businesses, this rings true. When you use industrial x-rays to test your products, you are clearly demonstrating your commitment to put out the best possible product for them. This helps you not only build consumer loyalty, but also to gain new consumers!

Will you be investing in x-ray inspection services anytime soon? What do you think would be the biggest benefit to your business?