3 Reasons To Love 24 Hour Printing

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In a world that seems to becoming more and more digitized, you may be a little surprised to hear that 76% of small businesses still rely heavily on both print and digital communication in their ideal marketing strategy. What we know for sure is that printing services are certainly not obsolete. Here are three of the reasons to love 24 hour printing in the modern era.

#1. Enhance Marketing With Tangible Promotional Goods

Instead of bombarding potential customers with online spam or regular old “junk mail”, 24 hour printing companies give you the opportunity to create promotional goods that will be of more value to a consumer, instead of being perceived as an annoyance. Furthermore, when your company logo is printed on a promotional gift, 84% of Americans will remember your company’s name. Greater brand recognition leads to a wider and more secure customer base which is a win for any business. One great promotional product to ask a 24 hour printing company about is a calendar with your business logo or company name. The beauty of a calendar is that most recipients keep it around for an entire year. That gives them plenty of opportunities to see your logo over a period of time.

#2. Get Help With Unique Print Jobs

While you may have a printer at home that allows you to print on regular paper, the possibilities don’t have to end there. 24 hour printing companies often offer services for things like banner printing or even car wraps–allowing for a truly unique advertising tool. On a poll, 48% of respondents indicated that they viewed car wrap advertising as the most unique medium for advertising. People love the expertise of 24 hour printing companies when handling one of a kind print jobs that go beyond the capabilities of a local office printing store. 24 hour printing has other possible applications that could be valuable to small businesses such as the creation of outdoor signs. This advertising strategy is prized for being cost-effective as it is 80% less expensive than television advertising, 60% less expensive than newspaper ads and 50% less expensive than radio ads.

#3. Receive Custom Printed Items Even After Business Hours

The main draw to 24 hour printing is the possibilities to drop off and pick up orders at any time. For people who are busy with running a business, or those trying to kick start a career, 24 hour printing is a truly practical service. For certain times when you are pressed for time, 24 hour printing can come to the rescue. For example, if you are attending a job fair or networking event but do not have business cards made up, instead of sending away for them and waiting up to weeks for them to arrive in the mail, 24 hour printing companies can have the cards ready for you much sooner.

If you have any questions or comments about 24 hour printing and what it could do for you or your small business, please share your thoughts!