3 Helpful Tips for Better Website Traffic

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So you’ve gone through the trouble to build a really great website: a simple layout, intuitive navigation system, and a killer product or service. However, despite all of your best efforts, the site doesn’t seem to get much traffic.

It’s a little bit like writing a book and never publishing it, if you don’t publish your content in public arenas then how is anyone going to know that it’s there? Driving traffic to your site is easier than you’d think, but it does take more effort than simply publishing your site to the web, as any SEO consultant service would tell you. Many companies have gone to the trouble to create a great website, but not spend a cent on marketing their site at all, so you’ve already got a step up on the competition.

  • SEO Content.

    Search Engine Optimization allows users to search for pertinent keywords and optimizes the search for the most relevant information that they’re looking for. What this means for you is that your site needs relevant and compelling content, such as a blog, to help drive traffic there. While an SEO consultant service can help with the right keywords for metatags and headlines for your website, the content on your site will be the thing that gets people coming, and coming back.

    If you do a Google search for SEO content, you’ll see a lot about keywords (meaning descriptive words that directly relate to your site) and it is worth noting that you should be crafting interesting blog posts with variations on those keywords. This will help bring people with similar searches to your site, as you don’t want to be limited on what people search for, and it means using synonyms or varied phrasing in order to bring people to your site. Nearly 60% of business-to-business marketers will tell you that well-crafted SEO is the most important factor in driving business to your site, as will top SEO consultants.

  • Social Networks.

    You may have seen friends or colleagues on Facebook or Twitter “like” a business or retweet a company. This is one of the most valuable tools in generating interest in your business and upping your site’s traffic. Nearly 70% of adults using the internet also some social networking site, and social media marketing is an easy way to generate buzz for your site.

    This harkens back to engaging SEO content, for example as over 90% of retweets are pertinent or interesting content. So, if someone retweets your content or blog post it makes it that much more likely for others to visit your site, as users are more willing to engage with products, services, or sites that their friends promote. Business social media marketing is crucial in this way to get internet users to view your site.

  • Email marketing. While this thought might make you groan a bit, email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of communicating with the users you seek. It still brings in more money than just internet advertising or mobile advertising alone. An SEO consultant service can do a lot for your site’s traffic, but directly targeting consumers in this way will bring a bigger payoff later.

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