3 Excellent Benefits of Telephone Answering Services

Small business answering service

Small businesses need to do whatever they can to set themselves apart from the pack. One of the best things a business can do to gain and retain customers is to offer fast, reliable, quality customer service and attention.

Customer service is a key component of the consumer experience. According to research, it is estimated that 59% of Americans would seek out a different brand or company in order to receive better customer service. Of those surveyed 78% have ended a transaction because of a bad customer service experience, and an estimated 55% of people claim they would actually pay more for a product if it meant guaranteeing a positive customer service experience. With figures like that, it’s clear quality customer service is essential to gain and maintain customers.

While important, customer service is also one of the most time consuming aspects of running a business. For small business with a limited amount of employees if can be difficult to provide the amount of customer customer they would like. However there is a simple way to cut down on the amount of time you spend but simultaneously improve your business’s customer service experience.

Hiring a small business telephone answering service offers business owners several wonderful benefits. Quality answering services allow businesses owners to refocus their own attention while feeling secure in knowing customers will receive efficient care.

Below are three important reasons to hire a small business telephone answering service for your own company.

1. Saves Money and Time

Answering services save small businesses time, because they cut down on the amount of employees businesses must hire to handle customer concerns and demands. By delegating customer service responsibilities to an outside company, business owners reclaim a lot of their own time which can be redirected to improving their businesses in other ways.

2. Quality, Individualized Customer Service

Virtual phone answering services are hired solely to field calls and address customer concerns. Research shows that an estimated 61% of Americans prefer dealing with customer services issues over the phone. A telephone answering system allows a business to provide individualized customer care. The telecommunication specialists have the time to provide dedicated service tailored to whatever issue a customer may have. Most people would rather speak with an actual person than suffering through following automated answering service prompts. Both the customer and business benefit in this scenario, because customers receive quick and effective attention and businesses are able to retain satisfied customers.

3. Business Can Be Conducted At All Times

An excellent benefit of telephone answering systems are that they don’t have to be bound by traditional business hours of operation. Small businesses may purchase after hours answering services, or even 24 hour answering service, depending on their needs. Answering services can increase customer satisfaction because customer feel comfortable and are able to contact the business at anytime. With answering services, businesses can help customers even when their doors are closed.

Make the move to improve your business’s customer service experience today. Look into investing in a small business telephone answering service.