Your Printed Singage Can Save Your Business if You Know What People Look For

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If you have a business, you already know that in order to stay open, let alone relevant, you have to have a way for people to see your signage and that signage has to be engaging to your potential customers.

There is a great deal of research that indicates that at least 85% of your customers will live within a five mile radius of your business. At the same time, 35% of your customers will find out about your business because of your signage. This means that people driving by will see your sign and decide to come in or they won’t.

What does your signage say about your brand? What do any of your printed materials say about who you are and what it is you do? When you have the right printing services working with you, you will not only have a way for people to identify where you are located, they will also be able to learn more about who you are. They will learn about your brand and will be intrigued enough to look further into your company.

Customers who live within that five mile radius of your business will see your signs somewhere between 50 and 60 times per month. If the sign is not compelling, the customers will have no reason to introduce themselves to you. Union bug printing on all of your signage and printed information goes a long way toward giving out the kind of professional and high standard expectations you want your potential customers to see.

Over half of your new customers will become new customers because of the quality of your signage and printed materials. Union bug printing shows the customer just what it is you are about. You are about quality and expertise. You do not want to give the impression that hard work and dedication to a craft are not important to you. You already know what you do. Your potential customers do not.

printing companies might be a dime a dozen in your town. If they are, are they union bug printing companies? If they aren’t, just consider what you will be getting if you make the move to increase the value of your signage. Your signs will work for you if you display them to your customers in a way that shows professionalism and care.