Why Fiber Optic Internet Is The Right Choice For Your Home And Work Space

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You probably do not go one single day a week without the internet. You wake up and check your email, your social media accounts and your text messages. You go to work where it is likely you use the internet at least once a day on your phone. It is even more likely you use a computer and the Internet to communicate with coworkers and clients and to get your work done. You come up and use the Internet to look up recipes for meals, to watch Netflix and to use your social media accounts until you go to bed. With the Internet being such an integral part of your day for personal use, family use and work, why wouldn?t you invest in the best? Every household and work office could benefit from fiber optic internet as their business internet and home internet option.

Not sure if fiber optic internet is a necessary expense or worth all the hype as one of the best high internet services out there? Keep reading to find out why people choose fiber optic internet as their favorite of the internet options.

With more than 287 million people in the United States accessing the internet, you do not want to risk your connection. You should always choose to have high speed internet providers over an option that may not give you the best connection and the best speed.

The number of people using the internet in the United States every day is not going to start decreasing suddenly. In fact, the number of internet users will only continue to increase over time. As of 2017, there were 3.77 billion global internet users, as well. Some of these people use the internet in the offices and not at home. It is more frequent, though, that an internet user not only uses the internet at their office or place of work but also in their own household. Statistics show that as of 2015, 74.5 percent of the United States population had access to the Internet. That is the equivalent to three-fourths of the entire United States population.

So, what is fiber optic internet, and why should you invest in making the switch?

First of all, fiber optic internet connectivity is already on the rise. 42 million Americans were living in households that had fiber optic internet as of 2016. This number saw a significant increase between the years 2014 and 2016. To be specific, the number of households that had fiber optic internet doubled during these three years. Overall, it was an increase in users by 24 million.

Fiber optic internet varies from other internet options because of its high speed, specifically. In fact, it is considered the gold standard of internet connections in residential areas. You will see improved speeds over DSL or cable by 117 percent during peak times.

Do you use the cloud at work or in your home? If you do, fiber optic internet also makes that experience even better by providing faster access. This means you can get to your data and applications that you have stored in the cloud faster than you could before switching to this type of internet. With more than 82 percent of businesses using the cloud in one way or another, this will save business and their employees a lot of time.

The internet is here to stay, and we will only see an increase in people using the internet at home and for work increase as the years continue on. If you are not already using the internet for personal and professional use in one way or another, that is bound to change over time. Now that global penetration has passed the 50 percent mark, we can imagine how much the internet will impact other areas outside of the United States, too.

Don?t fall behind the times by refusing to switch to fiber optic internet. Think of all the benefits it would have for your home and work space. Have you switch to fiber optic internet? Let us know in the comments how it compares to the internet you were using beforehand.