Why Atlassian Training Matters

Jira agile

Ensuring that your customers and employees can get the help they need when they need it is vital to the success of any organisation especially when it comes to IT support. Companies like Atlassian offer a range of products that not only help companies plan, develop and manage their software projects but also integrate service desk support software with optional automation. Such products are deployed across organisations in every sector. The right Atlassian training can make all the difference in deploying their suite of software products such as Jira Service Desk, Confluence and HipChat.

Deployment of Atlassian software is often used in agile software development with its flagship Jira software. Atlassian’s issue tracking application, Jira, and its team collaboration and wiki offering, Confluence, are two of the most used products in the Atlasssian catalogue and Atlassian training on these can help companies make the most of what these software products have to offer. Interestingly service automation like that offered by Atlassian is currently used by more than 76% of IT teams and a recent report by McKinsey found that more than 45% of all work could be automated.

Atlasssian recently commissioned a study that found that IT teams performing at their peak tended to exhibit five key behaviours. They put business first, mastered technology, invested in speed, made customers a priority, and were proactive as an organisation. Atlassian products combined with solid Atlassian training can help IT teams achieve these goals. Agile projects, for example, experience as much as 93% fewer defects, according to recent studies, and users of agile processes say such projects take much less time to complete. Ensuring that employees are trained on the systems used in an agile deployment can make all the difference to this success.

Once a software product developed through an agile methodology goes to market, Jira Service Desk can hep support it with the easy creation of a self-service portal and the use of automation with the support function to free up support agents to handle trickier questions. Getting the install right is vital to the success of such deployments. Consultants can offer Atlassian product installation and training and Jira Service Desk consulting solutions to help businesses optimise the use of these tools and ensure that employees feel comfortable and confident in using them.