Advantages of Using the Right Ethernet Cable

Siamese cable

As the quality of technology has gone up, so has the need for better cables. Those who are big government contractors use the most efficient and finest materials they can find. They utilize IT professionals who know the latest and best cables to use in their buildings. The same goes for homeowners who want the best service, especially those who have a home theater including ones who are sold as DIY Network installers. They have come to know about the first-rate cables and that includes the Siamese Cable.

Savvy people are very familiar with surge protectors for computer use to prevent damaging surges or spikes to all their valuable equipment. A surge typically measures less than 500V and may last less than two seconds. On the other hand, a spike is much shorter in duration but can measure into the thousands of volts. When you are shopping for surge protectors for homes and businesses, make sure they have a UL rating of no less than 1449. Lower clamping voltage that is close to 120 volts is safer, but UL standards are 330 volts, and that it must absorb at least 600 joules of energy.

Another need that has come with expensive technology in the home are home surveillance products. People enjoy the peace of mind and comfort that comes with home surveillance equipment. Cable is not usually sold with the home security equipment, nor the connectors and adapters in many cases. The installer should be knowledgeable about the various cables available. If the cables are unreliable, the surveillance product may also be unreliable.

There are four different types of HDMI cables: Standard, Standard with Ethernet, High Speed, and High Speed with Ethernet. One of the most highly sought after cables today is the Siamese video cable. The Siamese Cable has proven itself to be highly ranked because of the following:
The RG59 Siamese cable runs both power and video in one cable.
The Siamese cable can be cut to the exact length needed.
The Siamese cable has a solid copper core and works well with crimp-on, twist-on and compression BNC connectors

Use nothing but the best when it comes to your business and home technological needs. The Siamese Cable is heavily shielded to minimize interference.