When Was the Last Time That You Ordered A Product Online?

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When you are the mother of two teenage daughters it should come as no surprise that you place a lot of online orders. From buying thin chained necklaces with what appears to a single colored floating stone to ordering the latest eye shadow release from an online makeup distributor, in fact, it can seem at times that you are buying more items online than you purchase at a real store. When your oldest teenage daughter moves 12 hours away to go to college, you find that you end up making even more online purchases.
The one problem with ordering things online for teenage girls, however, is making sure that you are getting the right items. The only real fail proof way to order accurately, in fact, is to place all orders from a specific link. Fortunately, an increasing number of stores offer several views of the online products that they sell. Sometimes, the pictures are even specific enough that even a 54-year old mother of two teenage daughters can get to the point where she is fairly accurate.
Online Consumers Rely on Detailed Images of the Products That They Are Purchasing

There was a time when online shopping could leave consumers a little uncertain about what they are purchasing. With the advancements in today’s ecommerce websites, however, technologies like hover animations allow consumers to get a close up view of a product. Visible from all sides, hover animations allow online customers to thoroughly examine all of the products that they purchase.
Simple website designs may not offer advanced technologies like hover animations, so if you are a vendor that wants to make sure that your customers are able to accurately locate and order your products you want to invest the money that it takes to get a top of the line website developer. From the detail in getting your logo design correct to making sure that all of the graphic design elements on your page are strong, a top website development team can help create the space that you want:
Consider these statistics about online ordering platforms and the search engine optimization trends that can get you the traffic that you want for your company:

  • 100 billion Google searches are conducted every month.
  • 77% of agencies believe that poor website user experiences are a weakness for their clients, according to a report from the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA).
  • 57.7% of small and medium-sized business owners plan to invest in a new or improved website within the next 12 months, according to recent survey results.
  • 38% of people indicate that they will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.
  • Although anything older than Internet Explorer 8 is not supported, almost every modern web browser is compatible with Squarespace.
  • 1 million users are currently on Squarespace.

Whether you are the mother of two teenage girls trying to order the right necklaces for Christmas or you are in charge of ordering a hundred gift items for an office event, making the correct selection the first time is important. Using a website that have advanced offerings that allow you to shrink, pop, grow, skew, and rotate the items that you are considering is essential.