Is Your Website Design Company Helping You Achieve Your Goals?

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Digital marketing.
It is easy to think that the digital world runs our lives. If there was a time when you could ignore the impact of digital marketing, that time has now passed. In a time when web design services, more than anything else, help determine the success and failure of a new company. In fact, without the careful implementation of a well planned digital marketing plan, it can be a difficult to make a go of any kind of business. You only have to drive around your town and find the empty store fronts to realize the impact that online shopping is having on today’s economy.
Choosing a digital marketing firm can help you find the success that you are looking for, whether you are offering a new childcare service or are planning to open a new clothing boutique. A digital marketing company can help businesses of all sizes not only open with success, but also continue to attract customers and clients from that first day on. With social media marketing strategies, for instance, a marketing team can promote daily specials and encourage a business’s clients to make sure that they check posts on a daily basis so that they can watch for new products and upcoming offers.
Consider the impact that digital marketing has on today’s consumers:

  • Social media is a driving force for many of today’s purchases. From friends posting comments about new products and services that they have bought to the promoted ads that show up on news feeds, many customers are prompted to take action.
  • The constant reminder that shows up on a social media feed after you have looked up a product online encourages many customers to follow through on a potential purchase.
  • Research indicates that 70% of online referrals come from user to user social networking, including messaging apps, private browsing, and email. These user to user to referrals are termed “dark” referrals.
  • Online shopping continues to be a driving force in today’s economy.
  • Nearly 83% of customers indicate that they ?love? or ?like? when a business responds to them on social media, according to a report from SalesForce Marketing Cloud.
  • Google receives over 100 billion searches every single month.

  • Marketing research indicates that approximately 53% of marketers cite blog content creation as their number one priority for inbound marketing.
  • Estimates show that 64% of consumers said they made a purchase after watching a marketing video on Facebook in the last month, according to Animoto?s The State of Social Video 2017 report.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) teams work to generate organic content to help attract and drive customers to a product website.
  • SEO work occurs off page nearly 75% of the time, while 25% occurs on page.
  • As of July 2015, a study by Moz and BuzzSumo reported that long form content of over 1,000 words consistently receives more shares and links than shorter form content. This leads to the fact that many SEO on site and off site content writers are encouraged to create longer organic pieces.
  • Getting your company’s name to the top of any search is the goal that you may need if you are trying to compete in a crowded field. If your listing does not show up until the third or fourth page, for instance, you simply will not be getting the traffic that you need to be successful.
  • Every indication shows that cell phone use will continue to drive the purchases of today’s market. For instance, Statista predicts that mobile internet penetration will grow to as much as 61.2% worldwide by the year 2018.
  • SEO and marketing teams can help your company gain exposure for the products and the services that you offer. Making sure that you find the right kind of marketing team is crucial to the success of both your products and your business.

Finding a way to get STRONG MESSAGES about your product and services out to your customer base is an essential marketing strategy in today’s digital world. Making sure that you find a company who can help you reach your customers on a regular basis means that you will be able to compete with others offering the same services. Are you ready to find the right team to help you reach your goals?