Use These Tips as a Whetstone to Sharpen Your Content Marketing Strategies

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Your inbound marketing strategy has to be a multi-pronged attack if ever you want to succeed online. Social media, online video production, infographics: all of these strategies point to the importance of an effective content marketing playbook in a successful digital marketing campaign.

Too many people make the mistake of assuming that content marketing strategies all revolve around producing great blog content and the like. However, as inbound marketing strategies have evolved, content marketing strategies have changed to be much more encompassing and bold. If you’re still struggling to catch up, here are five tips you can use as a whetstone to sharpen your content marketing strategies’ competitive edge.

Five Tips to Put the Competitive Edge Back on Your Content Marketing Strategies

  1. Write Content That Your Audience Wants
  2. For Forbes, nothing is more important to successful content marketing than knowing who your audience is. By knowing who you’re producing content for, you can avoid offending any potential customers while capitalizing on what it is they find most interesting and engaging. That, in turn, will translate to sales.

  3. Consistency will Earn You a Following
  4. As Adam Stetzer writes for Search Engine Watch in “7 Outstanding Content Marketing Tips…,” you need to be consistent in your delivery of blog posts, Youtube videos, or whatever other form your content marketing takes. The best way to stay consistent? Develop a content schedule. At the beginning of each week, sit down and plan what you’re going to produce and when you’re going to publish it. Customers will appreciate being able to rely on you for new content each week.

  5. Grammar, Spelling, Usage: Use Them Well
  6. To a certain extent, the rise of web content and the ease with which anyone can make their voice heard online has led to a loosening in our adherence to good writing; as the Content Marketing Institute shows, however, 40% of web users say that bad grammar or spelling lessens their opinion of a brand. In other words, write like you know how.

  7. Learn to Synergize with Multiple Mediums
  8. If you want to find true content marketing success, writes Huffington Post, you need to learn to synergize your content marketing strategies between mediums. Post your blog posts on social media, put social media buttons on your blog, and share links to all of your pages through your marketing videos. Synergy, you’ll find, can have a hugely beneficial impact on your web traffic and web presence.

  9. Remember to Share Others’ Work
  10. As Entrepreneur details, many businesses assume that they should only be sharing their content on social media to optimize their reach. However, did you know that sharing others’ content as well as your own, in a ratio of 5:1, can actually improve your brand’s clout in the minds of consumers? Consumers don’t like when marketers make it all about themselves. By becoming a source in your industry, you’ll avoid getting that stigma.

Do you specialize in managing content marketing for businesses? What tips would you give marketers out there looking to improve their content marketing strategies? Let us know in the comments below!