New POS Software Offers Greater Protection Against Cyber Hackers

Pharmacy software integration

Technology is advancing at an astounding rate, but sometimes it seems like the newest technological developments aren’t always the safest. The recent security breach in Target’s system left thousands of people wondering if their credit information had been stolen, and if perhaps the safest way to conduct transactions is simply with cash. But doesn’t it seem silly to just admit defeat and not attempt to find new security measures that allow businesses to take advantage of the newest technological developments?

All too often, businesses want to talk about how efficiently they use technology rather than the measures they’re taking to ensure that their customers’ personal information stays secure. But just for a minute, let’s look at how new software — particularly pharmacy POS systems — are making transactions easier and safer than ever before.

  • If your business is using an old POS system, you could be missing out on valuable security updates that protect businesses from modern day hackers. Newer pharmacy POS systems offer features such as anti-virus protection, firewall protection, and the ability to run on a secure virtual private network (VPN). The POS software provider will stay up-to-date on the latest security techniques and most providers regularly send out software updates and anti-virus scans.

  • Web content filtering is available for running a secure online pharmacy POS system. Providers offer managers the options to block certain websites that are deemed inappropriate and which would cause productivity levels to decrease and the risk of catching a virus to increase. Blocking certain pages or requiring administrator access allows business owners to worry less about whether employees are doing their jobs, and these features give peace of mind that the business’ network is kept safe.

  • A trustworthy pharmacy POS system will make sure that all data, from credit card numbers to customer prescription information, is encrypted and kept on a secure server. Especially with mobile devices, software companies are beginning to develop programs that store information virtually rather than on the device itself, meaning that someone can steal the mobile device but not be able to access any information. Most systems are capable of handling various payment methods and can accommodate actual signatures, giving customers the ability to pay in whichever way makes them feel the most comfortable.

Many of these security features have existed for a long time, but customers just aren’t aware of them. Not only do newer POS systems offer these as standard features now, but companies are constantly developing and improving features to make sure that cyber hackers never get too far ahead of legitimate businesses. If the threat of security breaches is keeping you from updating your pharmacy POS system, it may be worthwhile to do some extra research on pharmacy POS system security features, and to educate your customers about the features so that everyone involved in sales transactions feels comfortable and secure.