Three Network Security Questions You Need to Know the Answers To

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As businesses of all sizes become increasingly integrated with the web, there’s no denying the need for a system of qualified network security setup — especially when a shocking 87% of small businesses faced a data breach in 2012.

And luckily, maintaining your business’ network security doesn’t have to cost you much or be too complicated. Fancy, expensive new technologies can’t replace a solid foundation of network security management. For example, you wouldn’t consider a new home security system a reason to leave your garage door open all night. The same kind of attention should be put toward your business’ network security.

Are you as well-versed in your business’ current network security systems as you ought to be? Before spending your money on new network security services or products, be sure you can answer the following three questions:

Are your network policies up to date?

Network security policies are constantly updating and refreshing. A security policy you’ve been following for more than a year has likely already become obsolete. When your security policies are outdated, you leave your networks vulnerable to data breaches and cyber-attacks. If you don’t have time to go through your security policies yourself, it may be worthwhile to seek out an IT managed services provider that offers network security services.

Are your network security configuration changes driven by its security policies?

Network security policies also impact things like your network’s firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems. As a result, failing to keep your policies up-to-date can compromise all your configuration changes, which again leaves room for hackers to break into your business’ system and steal its data.

How automated is your network security management?

It’s easy for even the most experienced network security specialist to make mistakes when maintaining and updating a business’ network security system. To help cut down on the frequency of human error, you should consider automating any repetitive or sensitive tasks — your computers will maintain their networks on their own, with only occasional need for human input.

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