3 Ways to Make Sure Your Advertising Banners Are Effective

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Large format printing is a high-impact (and, with digital printing, relatively low-cost) way to promote your business, and advertising banners are one of the simplest ways to implement a large format strategy. But banners need to be done correctly in order to be effective. Here are the three most important tips to keep in mind that cover everything from design to choosing banner printing services:

  1. Make Sure Your Text Is Readable

    Having an eye-catching design is important, but you need to be careful that you put the right amount of attention on your text. You’ll need about an inch of text height for every 10 feet from the banner you want the text to be readable; that means if you want someone standing 100 feet away across the street to be able to read it, no text on your banner should be smaller than 10 inches high.

  2. Don’t Try to Do Too Much at Once

    All too often, people see banners as extra-large canvasses that allow them to implement every single idea they have. But this can result in a very busy appearance — and that means viewers may just tune out the entire thing or fail to get the takeaway message. Don’t be afraid to leave some white space.

  3. Use the Right Banner Printing Service

    When it comes to marketing of any kind, the quality of your project will tell prospective customers something about the quality of your business. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right banner printing service. What should you be looking for as you scout banner printing services? Well, you’ll probably want to end up choosing a banner printing service that helps you with the technical side of things (image quality, in particular), and offers you a wide variety of options to help you balance quality and pricing.

Do you have any tips to add on choosing a banner printing service? Join the discussion in the comments.