Three Factors to Consider When Looking for a Managed Security Service

Fingerprinting services

Are you interested in finding managed security services to protect your business? Having good security services is important for protecting the physical infrastructure of your business from break ins and theft. Your security services also important play an important role in making sure the employees that you entrust your business’s valuable information and assets can be trusted. Larger enterprises have that option of building their own security team in-house, but given the cost of one qualified full-time employee is easily $70,000 per year, not to mention the cost of ongoing training, and backup coverage (since one employee cannot protect your business 24/7), this is impossible for most small businesses.

This is where managed security services comes in. Using managed security services cost a fraction of what you would have to spend building your own security team, and are equipped to provide the best practices in the security industry. A good security services provider will conduct background checks, take fingerprints and provide fingerprinting services for you, so you know exactly who you are entrusting your business with.

However, not all security services are created equally. If you choose the wrong security service, it could be wasted money, in the best situation. In the worst situation, it could leave you vulnerable to substantial loss. Before choosing a security service to use, make sure you consider the following important criteria:

Three Important Things to Consider Before Choosing a Security Service for Your Business

  1. Strong leadership mentality.

    A good security service provides so much more than just the muscle to keep your assets (and people) safe within your business. Most people do not know where their greatest security risks are. Your security service should take a leadership role on this subject and guide you to creating a secured environment.

    This mentality comes from the top down. the security service leaders should go over your business model and the challenges involved in it, and help you create a plan that best protects you and all you’ve worked for. The actual security staff that you bring in should take responsibility for engaging in the environment of your business and being alert to any security risks, taking charge of mitigating them on your behalf.

    When you first reach out to any potential security services, pay attention to the way they approach your business. Do they just ask what type of security services you need and then follow your plan? Do they want to talk about your business processes to help develop a plan together? The initial approach they take is a good indication of the business you’ll get.

  2. Experience in your industry.

    Every business has its own set of security needs, but there are many similar security challenges within the same industry. Before selecting a security service, make sure to check what kind of experience they have within your industry. If they’ve worked with other clients in your type of business, they probably have a better idea of your particular needs and how to best protect you.

    It’s a good idea to ask for references from other clients in your type of business. Most security providers are willing to provide this information up front. If you are able to get contact information from other businesses who use the service, contact them and ask for their feedback. There is no better indication that a security service is equipped to protect your business than if they already providing great security service to other business just like yours.

  3. Professionalism
    Even though the security service you use is not actually a part of your business, your clients will not differentiate between the treatment they get from the security provider and your business. If a security contractor offends one of your patrons, it is your business who will take the hit, not theirs. You need to make sure that the security service you use carries themselves with the same level of professionalism that you hold yourself to. Pay attention to how the security personnel who will actually be on-site dresses, their demeanor, and their ability to interact with other using utmost customer service skills.

Do you have any other tips for looking for a managed security provider? Please share in the comment section below.