IT Support for Your Cloud Storage Needs

It support

Did you know that approximately 140,000 hard drives crash every week? If this has ever happened to you, it probably sent you right into high-drive to locate dependable back-up options.

Unless you already have cloud storage services.

Interesting to note is that many businesses–approximately 59%–only have back-up storage in one location. The remaining businesses? Their back-ups probably have back-ups. . .After all, protecting data and preventing the hazards of Ransomeware and other cyber attacks is a vital necessity.

Are you curious how many cybersecurity events occur over the course of a year? To demonstrate how prevalent these are, let’s begin with attacks and threats per minute: 400! What this figure doesn’t include, however, are all of the undetected attacks, which are estimated to be up to 70% more. When you do the math, this means that there are more than 80-to-90 million cybersecurity events a year!

Many Americans worry about being hacked. In fact, 70% are afraid their credit card numbers will be stolen when they shop at retailers. Approximately 62% are concerned that their personal devices, such as smartphones and laptops, will be targeted for an attack.

To give you an idea of just a few types of cybersecurity issues, what follows is some recent data from a Gallop poll:

    Reported credit card information theft: 27%
    Reported compter and smartphone hacks: 11%

Storing data on the cloud has become more prevalent. However, when determining whether or not to use the cloud for data storage needs, much depends on who is making the decisions, how well-informed they are, and other relevant concerns. In a recent poll about about cloud adoption, for example, 25% of those who responded indicated that they would use it for storage.

When cloud storage was adopted, 82% of the companies polled claimed that it saved them money. Other effects included company down-sizing. Of the companies polled, for example, 14% claimed that they were able to downsize their IT services as a result of utilizing cloud storage. Another positive result from receiving IT support was that six months after moving their data to the cloud, 80% noticed improvements.

The prevalence of cybersecurity issues wrecks havoc on individuals, businesses, industry, private organizations, and the government. It also has an adverse effect on the national and global economy. This points to a definite need for IT support to address these issues. Furthermore, IT consulting businesses can provide individualized attention. With the proper IT support, a cloud services package can be created to protect your data, your investments, and yes, your peace of mind.