The Top 10 Problems AC Repair Companies Regularly See

Hot summer days can be exciting and fun, but they can also be uncomfortable if you don’t have a working air conditioner. This holiday, don’t leave you and your family stranded in the sweltering heat. Here is a closer look at some of common problems that may warrant you to seek the services of AC repair companies.

A clogged air filter is one of the most common AC unit issues. When it comes to changing the air filter, stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Filters that are clogged restrict airflow and can cause parts of the air conditioner to freeze.

Clogged Drain
Breakers and fuses keep the air conditioner from overheating. When an air conditioner’s motor fails,  what AC repair companies look for is a tripped breaker. Capacitors start motors and supply power to keep them running.

Broken Thermostat
The control panel is sometimes the source of the problem rather than the air conditioner. A thermostat that is not properly calibrated will result in erratic AC behavior. If necessary, reset the thermostat or have it repaired.

Failing Compressor
A compressor circulates refrigerant throughout the system, cooling the air. With continuous use, this compressor may wear out, and too much or too little refrigerant can damage it.

Fan-related Issues
Fans facilitate the airflow through the system and are an essential component of the AC. A defective motor, degraded lubricant, wear and tear damage, and dirt can all contribute to decreased airflow, decreased efficiency, and even compressor failure.