The Difference Between Working For An Ad Agency and In House

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New graduates looking to explore career opportunities in the ad industry must decide whether between those available positions either with one of the many ad agencies or for a company?s in-house marketing division. That are benefits to each choice, as well as deterrents. This article will explore both the good and the bad of each choice.

Life In An Advertising Agency

Ad agencies give a wider range of experience than an in-house option has the ability to provide. They work with a diverse clientele and often have a wide array of projects. There is more chance to think big since ad agencies usually get the call when creativity needs a jump start. In this environment, new hires gain an understanding of every aspect of the field and a broad foundation. This can be especially helpful to target the specific area of marketing that best suits a person?s talents and interests.
Ad agencies have negative aspects as career prospects as well. The long hours, for example, are no secret. It is not unusual to work over 60-80 hours in a given week in such an environment, depending on the project at the time. Working in a creative agency can easily become someone?s entire life. Another issue that many discover relates to the various clients and the types of projects that may be put before a new graduate. Those projects will not be up to the employee?s discretion, so if a person has moral issues with some subject matter, advertising agencies may not be the best option for them.

Life At An InHouse Marketing Agency

One of the major benefits of this working environment is the camaraderie that often develops between staff. This is a result of many things, such as working together in the promotion of one shared goal for a long period of time. Working in-house also leads to a greater opportunity to truly specialize in one aspect of marketing. This makes the mastery of expert knowledge easier to gain. There is also a better balance between work and home life.
The loss of experience with many projects can be stifling to creative thought and leave an individual only capable of seeing issues from certain, well-worn perspectives. In-house marketing professionals are often seen as less knowledgeable than those in marketing agencies as well. It is an unfair bias, but it does exist.
There are benefits to both career directions, and some of the negatives are difficult to tolerate. In the end, choosing between them often will depend on what an individual needs at a certain time in their lives and will likely change eventually. Whatever choice is made, make it with ample research and advanced thought and it should work out for the best.