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More and more people are choosing to start businesses of their own these days. With all the expenses involved in a business start up, new business owners are looking for employable services to add to their business that are both low cost and high quality. Many are choosing to engage a live telephone answering service that will arrange for live operators to provide both daytime and after hours answering service for the business. In addition to answering calls, many of these companies will provide virtual receptionist services.

Employing a live telephone answering service can be done from anywhere, which enables the business owner to save thousands of precious dollars that would have been spent renting office space and hiring employees. A business telephone answering service is an affordable way to start up a new business, as well as being an affordable, cost effective way for existing businesses to be able to save money. These services provide professional staff to answer phones, take messages, transfer calls to the proper individuals, and even take orders by phone.

Virtual receptionists will answer client’s questions and address concerns. Most clients are happy with a company they know can be reached 24 hours a day and will deal with any matter quickly and efficiently. These qualifications boost customer service and help the company to gain a good reputation. They will keep customers coming back again and again because they know they won’t be kept waiting. Statistics show that 59% of customers will try a different company or product if they have not had a good customer service experience. Another 55% would be willing to pay a higher price for an item as long as they have a positive experience with the company’s customer service department. By retaining 5% of their customers, a company will see a good %125 profit increase.

A business that requires its owner and his or her staff to spend most of their time on the road, traveling to different towns and cities, or even different states, will benefit greatly by employing a professional answering service. Live operators are always available to take calls and to handle any situations they are hired to handle. The operators can set up appointments, cancel appointments, and plan meetings, in addition to helping clients with orders, complaints, and concerns. Armed with necessary information the business owner gives them, virtual receptionists will address each caller appropriately and professionally. Companies and businesses, large and small alike, who have chosen to utilize a live telephone answering service are all enjoying the advantages of this type of service, and there are many.