So, You’re Hiring an IT Person Here Are Some Things to Get at in the Interview

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If you’re exploring hiring out your IT services or are looking into computer repair, there are a few topics that you absolutely must cover in the interview. IT services in Chicago are usually high quality, but covering these well-versed areas will make it more likely that your IT services person will satisfy you:
1. Are they reactors or innovators?
There are two kinds of IT managed services, and one is definitely better than the other. The first kind are run-of-the-mill reactionary IT services. This is the cliche we usually think of. The guy in khakis troubleshooting Help Desk calls as they come along and generally loafing about in the meantime. Then there are the innovators. They go beyond Chicago computer repair and Help Desk platitudes. They will typically offer to run a full diagnostic of your IT infrastructure right out of the gate, and keep up with all the latest trends in IT services. They have had experience building IT centers from the ground up. They will throw around phrases like “Five year IT plan” and “synergy.”
2. What specifically will they do to bolster your cyber security?
Between North Korea conducting habitual cyber warfare and the Federal government suing Apple over a locked Iphone, cyber security is more of a hot button issue than ever. Before committing to any IT services person, make them list at least three things they will do to improve your online protection. If they can’t do that, don’t hire them, plain and simple.
3. What customer service experience do they have?
This is one you might have to follow up on the references for, since very few people are willing to admit that they are arrogant, curmudgeonly Help Desk workers. But so many IT people are, so it’s important to distinguish the cream of the crop. Good IT workers are those workers who will make your customers feel cared for and actually solve problems. They won’t use their IT knowledge like a weapon to make other people feel small, and they will achieve tangible outcomes.
4. What hours are they willing to work?
Many managers, especially those who have never had an IT services person on their payroll before, are leery of asking for night and weekend availability. Well we’re here to tell you — don’t be shy. Most IT people understand that the nature of their job requires on-call availability or at least one heck of a customer complaint mechanism. This will be a point of negotiation along with salary in any interview, so have your minimums set and don’t deviate if you want to get the most out of your IT service. And in speaking of salary…
5. Just come right out and ask them their salary requirements.
We recommend saving this tidbit for the end of the interview, because by then, you’ll have a better idea of the candidate’s skill valuation. Innovators should receive more, definitely, than troubleshooters. People with hardware and software experience also have a higher price tag. References that check out are worth more than references that never email or call back. “Going rates” vary greatly from city to city, but in general, a qualified IT person will have a price floor of around 90k and work their way up or down from there.