New Advances in Non Destructive Testing Mean Safer Travels

Environmental Testing

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X-Ray Testing

X-rays are not just for the doctor’s office. We take it for granted, but x-ray inspection and other forms of non destructive testing (ndt) not only saves our lives, but makes our lives easier as well. Recently researchers have been finding ways to improve ndt methods to become more portable, safe, and accurate.

What Are Some Common Uses for Non Destructive Testing

Non destructive testing, uses x-ray radiation to show objects that obstructed from view by the naked eye. For example, industrial x-rays are used for a number of commercial and security purposes. For example when inspecting product quality. X-ray testing is used to find structurally weak areas or other points of degradation or damage. This is helpful in preventing catastrophic structural failure. Another common application for x-rays are in security and detection. For example examining containers that originate from foreign countries.

Many of these shipping containers contain illegal drugs, weapons and unregulated prescription medications. Through x-ray screening, these dangerous and illicit materials are halted before the can reach circulation. X-ray detection has also been employed in security, namely airport security, for decades. It is impossible to imagine the number of dangerous incidents NDT has helped prevent. However there are some drawback to x-ray technology, namely health, portability and accuracy concerns.

Advances in NDT testing Safety

Studies show that excessive exposure to x-ray radiation can lead to major health concerns, including cancer. This is why many professionals that regularly work with x-rays have to take precautions to reduce their amount of exposure to radiation. For this reason researchers have been testing a new NDT imaging system that would not use x-rays, but the more safe technology of microwaves. Apart from the health benefits this new imaging system has several other advantages over the traditional x-ray machine.

Advances in NDT Technology Portability

This new NDT imaging camera is highly portable. Unlike traditional x-ray machines these new video cameras can be moved from place to place and set up in a relatively small amount of time. The implications of this are great, imagine security screening that are happen on the fly, that are much more accurate than pat downs or metal detectors.

Advances in the Accuracy of NDT Technology

Researchers have said that this new microwave prototype can be more accurate than other NDT imaging systems. This is because the new system is 3D and displays images in real time a decided advantage over x-ray technology.

There is a lot of exciting work happening in the field of NDT imaging, which will make it safer and more accurate. Advances in NDT imaging is not only important in saving companies time and money, but also in saving lives during security screenings.