4 Times You Could Use Large Format Printing in Different Industries

Custom stickers and labels

Large format printing has proven to be quite beneficial in several industries. Architecture, construction, advertising and more make good use of large format printing in order to get their jobs done effectively. Large format printing is usually used in conjunction with digital printing and the use of custom printed items. Typically, you need a special printer in order to print off these kinds of things. Here are a few ideas of what is printed using the large format printing method.

Posters and Banners
This is the advertising side of large format printing. You could print off anything from promotional deals and discounts to hang in the windows of your business to billboards or banners to be posted around town to promote your company and let people know where you are and who you are and what you do. This could draw a lot of attention to your company simply because of the size of the banners or posters that you make. Printing off posters, banners and billboards is a great off line way to market your business. There needs to be a balance between online and offline marketing and advertising. So, along with flyers, brochures and face to face introductions, posters and banners are the way to go.

CAD drawings
CAD is the software that is used in order to draw up blueprints or building structure ideas. Obviously, these blueprints are never drawn to scale but it’s helpful when they are blown up so the contractors, lenders, owners and whoever else is involved can see exactly what is going on with the building idea. Sometimes there are details that get lost because the drawings are not clear enough. However, printing off an over sized CAD drawing is very helpful for making obvious the ideas for the site. Some things could actually be drawn to scale depending on what the plans are for and this would make it even easier for everyone to envision.

Vehicle wraps
Many times, companies will attach vinyl decals or wraps to their company cars as a way of promoting the business. It’s an easy way to catch people’s eye as they are driving along. While you don’t want to put too much information on a vehicle wrap, you can still get the idea into their minds. You don’t want to put too much information because as people are driving, they won’t be looking at your car for a long time. More often than not it will merely be a side glance when something bright or large catches their eye. Merely seeing the same of your business and perhaps the crossroads where it is located is enough to trigger their memory later to look it up.

Business Signs
You can’t expect people to be able to find your business if you don’t have a sign up outside. Printing out a large sign for the front of your building until you can afford to hang up a permanent sign is a great idea for announcing a grand opening. When people seeing ‘grand opening’ or ‘store closing’ they know that there will most likely be discounts inside and it draws them in to check it out. But, if there is no sign, there’s no way for them to know what’s going on and they won’t think twice about stopping by. It’s a great attraction for people and if ‘grand opening’ is in the works, then when people come in to check it out, that’s a perfect opportunity to talk to them about your company and find out what exactly they are looking for. Then perhaps you could make a sale and a new customer, or you could at least make a great contact and then order what they need.

Large format printing is definitely not obsolete. It’s still very much needed in many industries today, as you can see. Lots of professionals use these kind of printing to assist them in their work, many more than just who is mentioned here. However, you don’t want to use it for absolutely everything. There is still a huge audience online and in mailboxes and even in just meeting people. Encouraging satisfied customers to spread the word is the best form of advertising.