Live Telephone Answering Services What They Can Do For Your Business

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It?s nearly impossible for the average small business to keep running at full capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Eventually, even the most devoted of employees have to go home and get some rest. Unfortunately, any time that employees aren?t available to answer the phone means that potential clients and customers could end up being passed on to answering machines. They could fail to leave a message, or leave a message that isn?t properly recorded due to errors in technology. The solution to this problem is a live telephone answering service. Yet many don?t recognize the availability of this service, and what it can do for their business.

What Is A Live Telephone Answering Service?

When using a live telephone answering service, a business uses a professional answering service to answer phones, often during ?off? hours. These professionals take the place of any answering machine easily ? they can be briefed on necessary information to relay, and are far more likely to record information properly than an answering machine. Essentially, they create virtual receptionist services; and in effect make it possible for your phones to be answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It?s more cost-effective than rotating full-time employees around the phone, and yields better results than leaving an answering machine at the ready.

Why Should I Use An After Hours Answering Service?

The fact is than a virtual telephone answering service can not only save your business from losing customers, but even help accumulate new ones. For example, an estimated 78% of Americans reported not following through on an intended purchase due to a bad customer service experience. For many, not having a phone call properly answered or returned could certainly count as ?bad customer service?. Furthermore, 59% of Americans would turn to a different brand if they heard that it provided better customer service than the one they were currently using. What?s great about this kind of service is that it will not only eliminate the possibility that your business might inadvertently miss a call; but it will also help you build a reputation of providing great customer service! With 61% of Americans preferring to receive customer service over the phone, you certainly can?t go wrong with a small business telephone answering service.

What Can A Live Answering Service Do For Me, Exactly?

When handling phone calls, answering services can handle questions, complaints, and concerns. They can not only pass on information, but walk confused clients through things like troubleshooting, step by step. The extent of their knowledge and privileges is up to you as the small business owner. The real advantage of having another person on the other end of the line, rather than an automated message, is that it simply lets your customers and clients know that you care.