Keep Things Clean with Dust Collector Filter Bags and Other Filters Found in Consumer Products

Filter press cloth

You may not realize it, but filters are all around us — even in the business world. Whether you need to trap dust and dirt in a high-powered vacuum or prevent debris from entering other parts of manufacturing equipment, there are a number of industrial filtration systems that your company can rely on. Here are just a few examples of the types of filters you might find and how similar they are to everyday consumer products.

  • Dust Collector Filter Bags: Why are dust collector filter bags necessary for so many different applications? Filter bags are designed to fit into any systems that need to remove dust particles from the air or other surfaces. It’s best to think of these as like vacuum cleaner filters, only for large-scale industrial use. Oftentimes, dust collector filter bags can be customized to include company logos and are made to the specifications of your products or systems.
  • Liquid Filter Bags and Cartridges: It’s not only solids that need to be filtered out of air and other materials. In order to purify water or provide coolant filtration, many industrial sectors will rely on liquid filter bags and cartridges, similar to the kinds found in homes on faucets or as whole house water filters. Some types of filter bags are also used in environmental remediation when removing contaminants from groundwater.
  • Non Woven Filter Media: Finally, one type of filter that tends to surprise people is the kind found in agriculture. Plants and crops are often covered with fabrics in order to shelter them from cold or windy weather. But what some don’t realize is that this is very similar to the fabrics that homeowners use in their gardens. If you’ve ever used weed barrier fabric for your garden, then this is along the same lines.

Which type of filters does you business use on a regular basis? Tell us in the comments.