Increasing Your Businesses Online Presence

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The internet is a crucial part of many people?s daily lives. It is likely that you begin your morning with a quick scroll of the internet?s top trending categories. You also probably check the internet multiple times throughout your day, finishing it off with a quick social media scroll before bed. Businesses have taken advantage of this constant need for the internet, and have found successful ways to reach potential customers. However, there are many crucial parts of having a successful internet presence.

Functional and secure landing page

Most of a business?s efforts on the internet are to direct traffic to their webpage. This webpage contains content like the services and products offered, contact information, and sometimes, pricing. It may also include previous customer reviews, in an attempt to better gain the trust of the viewer. It is, however, important to remember that customers will not visit a webpage if they do not trust it. They want to feel that it is secure and this requires minimal loading errors and quick click speeds.

Too many businesses make the mistake of building their own webpage and then never monitoring the results. Having a dedicated IT services team can correct any coding or website design problems, further gaining the trust of the customers. They can also correctly input additional webpage functions, including shopping cart, contact forms, or scheduling applications. All of these functions will improve the customer satisfaction and acceptance of the webpage.

Regular posting

It is not enough to simply create a webpage and then sit back. With billions of webpages on the internet, a business needs to find a way to appear in local search results. This often includes the increase of search engine optimization, or SEO. One effective way of increasing SEO results is with regular posting, usually in the form of blogs. Blogging has shown great results, with blogging increasing web traffic by 55% for brands. Many technology companies provide both SEO content and regular IT services. The constant IT support can be beneficial in ensuring that blog posts and other content are being placed correctly, without any errors.

Search engine optimization

SEO is one of the most important factors in increasing customer views. In fact, SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate. For this reason, more and more small to medium sized businesses are turning to SEO results as a primary marketing campaign of the new year. Those who want to see additional results with SEO increases may also outsource IT consulting services, as well.

Cost effective designs

One thing that most small to medium sized businesses have in common is the fact that they have limited capital. Limited capital simply means better planning is required. The marketing team needs to choose SEO or other marketing campaigns that produce the best results for the least amount of money. They may also consider other cost savings methods, such as IT outsourcing services or part time managed IT services. Some may choose to have their entire staff work from home.

This model can actually produce efficient results for a business that is attempting to grow their online presence. Approximately 67% of workers given the option to work at home felt that remote work improved their productivity, while 26% were neutral, and 7% felt less productive. Employees who are given the freedom to work from home tend to produce more and the business, in turn, receives many cost savings benefits.

No one could have imagined how big and relevant the internet would become. The majority of people spend hours of their day on the internet, in some form. Even businesses utilize the internet to better connect with and market to their customers. An internet presence is extremely important to the success of a company, especially a smaller to mid sized one. The company needs to focus on a well designed and functional webpage design, regular IT services for optimal security, and cost savings measurements. With these steps, SEO results are likely to increase, thus increasing the traffic to the business page.