How We Can Solve The Problem Of Employee Retention In America

There are many issues surrounding employee retention in the working world, many reasons that up to 60% of all Millennial employees are likely to take a new job should it be offered to them (and be better than their current position, that is). There are many explanations for the fact that the June of 2015 saw more than two and a half million workers leaving their jobs on a voluntary basis. At the end of the day, the issue of job retention is one that has touched all parts of the working world. And no matter the industry, there are some issues surrounding job retention that are common throughout them all.

For instance, far too often the wrong person is hired for the job at hand. The interview process is too rushed, and a person who is not suited for the role is brought into the company. This, unfortunately, is so prominent that more than one third of all top executives feel that this is one of the leading problems behind poor job retention rates, followed only by the problem of companies having unclear performance objectives for their workers. But fortunately, though hiring the wrong person for the job can have serious repercussions indeed, there can be steps taken to rectify this problem and, better yet, to keep it from ever even happening in the first place, which is what all companies should be seeking to do.

HR executive search consultants working for human resources consulting firms can help to make this a reality, effectively erasing this problem faced by so many places of work throughout the United States. HR executive search consultants can help companies to avoid such issues by carefully pre screening any potential job candidates before they go through the actual application and interview process. Through the work of these HR executive search consultants, we can help to determine just how successful our companies will be with new hires. HR executive search consultants also take away the burden of doing much of this work from the higher ups of the company, allowing them to instead focus on some of the more pressing matters at hand. Therefore, HR executive search consultants play a hugely important role indeed, one that is not to be overlooked or minimized.

In addition to the role of HR executive search consultants in helping to find the perfect fit for any given job, it will also be hugely important for employers to have a thorough on boarding program in place. After all, the lack of a sufficient on boarding program and process is something that will lead many employees to not feel at all adequately prepared for the job at hand, something that might push them to take another job all too quickly down the line. On the other hand, having an extensive on boarding process in place will have the opposite impact, making it much more likely that the employee in question will stick around at the company or place of work for at least a few years, if not even on a more long term basis than even that.

But though this problem can in part be solved by the work of HR executive search consultants and all that is discussed above, anyone looking closely at the issue of employee retention knows it is not so simple as that, with many other problems to be rectified. Employee morale is one of them, as only around 20%, a mere one fifth, of all employees actually feel that they are fully supported and encouraged by their superiors to do their best work. This leaves far too much chance for apathy on the job among more than three quarters of all employees in this country – the vast majority, to say the very least. Fortunately, even just implementing something like an employee recognition program can help this issue, with more than 85% of all companies that have done so stating that overall employee happiness was able to be improved by a considerable amount, or at least a noticeable one. At the end of the day, even small changes matter.