How to Combat the Home Robbery Epidemic

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We live in a terrifying time. People are committing crimes left and right and it seems like every day there is another national or international news story that is more depressing and more horrific than the last. The first thing that needs to happen is undoubtedly a difficult task, because it involves people actually showing compassion for their fellow human, but more realistically, at least on an individual level, home protection can at least prevent many of these horrid crimes.

In all parts of the world, criminals commit unspeakable acts and it doesn’t matter the circumstance. House robberies are still extremely high and it’s up to each individual homeowner to do everything they can to limit these unfortunate events. Whether it’s just to check up on your home while you’re on vacation or to provide video proof of any criminal wrongdoing, video surveillance systems should be an integral part of every possible home.

There is plenty of proof out there that crime rates significantly decrease when surveillance systems are installed in an area. Whether that means less criminal activity in front of businesses with security cameras, less drug deals on street corners where cameras have been installed, or less robberies in businesses with security cameras. By this logic, if criminals are aware or even suspect that a particular home is equipped with home security systems, they will be much more likely to leave that house alone.

The only problem with that theory, however, is that the only way for these criminals to find out that a particular house is equipped with surveillance systems is for them to actually attempt to break in in the first place. This is obviously counterproductive and isn’t exactly the best way to inform potential criminals about your security plans. That’s why more and more people need to start equipping their homes with security cameras.

Right now the main assumption is that the majority of homes do not have a security system inside. But if we all collectively install our own security systems inside our homes, that assumption will likely change.

As long as the majority of people do, or at least the criminals think the majority of people do, have security systems in their home, that should be enough to completely deter these criminals from breaking into our homes, stealing our valuable items, and running our peace of mind.