How Fast Do Most Printing Jobs Get Done?

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What are your marketing plans for the 2016 calendar year? How many printing jobs do you have scheduled and budgeted? As digital printing continues to improve as a process that can provide high quality products with a very fast turn around time, many companies find that printing jobs that used to take weeks or even months to complete, can now be done in days, sometimes even hours.
Online content, blogs, websites, and emails continue to be incredible sources for company advertising and marketing, but three of every four small business owners say that their ideal strategy continues to be a combination of both digital communications and print.
Take, for example, a new swim lesson company that recently opened. Rather than join an expensive franchise, the local owners have decided to open their own business and brand it themselves. As a well known masters swimmer in the metropolitan area where the owner lives, he has a name that many people will recognize. The fact that he, his wife, his son, and his daughter have given swim lessons in their backyard pool for the last 20 years also helps market and advertise their new business. The new owners use the following promotion techniques:

  • A 24 hour printing service can affordably print thousands of glossy colored post cards to distribute at the community parade at the beginning of the summer.
  • Since nearly 85% of Americans say that they retain a company’s name if they receive a promotional gift with a logo, the swim school owners also decide to hand out a keychain that looks like a pair of swim goggles and contains the company name and logo.
  • Follow up emails to purchased potential customer lists can help the swim school redistribute their company logo to some of the same parade viewers.
  • Because nearly 50% of people interviewed say that they think car wrap advertisements are both clever and memorable, a vehicle wrap applied to the company car also allows the swim school to familiarize their potential customers with the company name, logo, and purpose.
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  • Add in daily posts to social media sites and the owner now has a recognizable image that was created through both print and digital media.

This combination of print media as well as digital media can help any new business successfully brand their new swim school, massage spa, student tutoring center, or any other kind of enterprise. How long in to the new year will your company wait until you begin your new marketing campaign, a successful combination of both printing jobs and digital media?