Five Tips For Improving Your Site’s Visibility

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Building a website is not enough. In an increasingly connected world, businesses are expected to have an online presence, but it is difficult to be seen and heard amongst all of the chatter. Social media, including blogging, can greatly improve the impact of a website and its search engine ranking.Increased visibility means a better chance of increased sales. Here are five tips to boost your business website’s visibility:

1. Rule number one of Internet marketing is: be seen.

SEO (search engine optimization) helps to move your website up the search results, which is good news considering that research shows that more than three-quarters of all users never look further than page one of the search results.

2. Design for mobile

Importantly, research also shows that 50% of mobile searches are looking for local results and just over 60% of those result in a purchase. Website design experts, therefore, increasingly emphasize the need to optimize your site for mobile. Mobile optimization not only ensures that all mobile browsers can access all parts of your site, it is also an important part of SEO.

3. Keep content fresh

Every day, more than 27 million pieces of content are shared online — and adding your piece to the list can help to ensure that your website is seen. One way to do that is to start blogging about your business. Web traffic can be increased by as much as 55% just by blogging, and B2B companies can generate 67% more leads as a result.

4. Share on Social Media

Twenty-three percent of time spent online is spent on social media, with eight out of ten US users accessing blogs and social networks. You don’t have to spend much time to reap the benefits of social media: a study found that almost three-quarters of brand marketers saw an increase in web traffic by just spending six hours per week on their social media activities. Being active on social media can also play a role in SEO.

5. Keep Users On-Site
Fast-loading sites keep users for longer. Website developers note that 40% of users move on if a site loads in longer than three seconds. In fact, if a site takes eight seconds or longer to load, the bounce rate spikes to over 150%. Keep your website design clean and simple, optimize it for quick loading on both desktop and mobile, and double-check load times across a range of browsers and devices. A professional website design company can help you get this right.