How can I Replace My Remote Control?

Insignia remote control

If you’re looking to buy replacement remote controls, there are a couple of options available to you. You can use a universal remote as a replacement TV remote, or you can buy original TV remotes online. There are pros and cons to both.

Universal remotes don’t have all the features of the original device, and won’t always be compatible with all the functions your device can perform. On a higher end surround sound system, for instance, it may be more difficult to alter your sound settings or change filters. You’ll mostly just be able to turn your volume up and down. There are basic navigation controls for watching video as well, but nothing nearly as advanced as the remote that came with your device. In fact, with a universal remote, some features may be unavailable to you altogether.

However, Universal remotes can be great if you have several systems you want to access from a single device and you’re looking to cut down on clutter. Not everyone needs the advanced features of their electronic systems, and if you haven’t ever touched 90% of those little buttons, you probably could benefit from a universal remote. Buttons at the top make it easy to switch between TV, DVD, Blu-Ray etc. and you can always keep the others around as back-up.

If you want to keep your old functions, or you just really liked the design and setup of your old remote, you can actually buy original TV remotes online. In order to find a replacement remote, look for the model number on the back of the corresponding device. A serial number usually won’t work. Many websites will let you search for your remote type and buy a replacement that looks exactly like your old one.

Buying original TV remotes is a great option for people who want full access to their electronic device. You don’t lose any functionality and you can even stock up on a few replacements if you’re worried about losing it again. The only downside to buying replacement remotes is that you lose the multi-device convenience of a Universal remote, but you can always buy one anyway and keep it around for basic functions.

Both universal remotes and brand name remotes need a code in order to interface with a device. Codes for TV remotes can be found online, in your user manual, or in the packet that came with the replacement remote control. You can also scan for TV remote codes using your remote if you can’t find the number, but it’s usually more time consuming and unreliable.

Remember, you don’t have to suffer without a remote control! Find the remote replacement option that works for you!
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