Don’t Let Hackers Get the Best of Your Company

Automated file transfer software

There are many reasons to seek out a secure file transfer service — you may have sensitive information stored on your server, too many users requesting information from your network, or have experienced too many security breaches.

The latter problem is one of the biggest issues facing major corporations and businesses. Even the U.S. government is prone to security breaches and hackers breaking into their complex data system to steal critical information.

To combat this, reverse proxy servers and safe automated file transfer software have been crucial.

In general, a server is what hosts most, if not all of the data for any company, from its own business information, to employee files, to client details. This server is accessed several times a day during business hours to retrieve any necessary data to perform daily transactions.

While this may seem routine and far from dangerous, you must consider the fact that an open network can easily be hacked with the right amount of skill. Hackers can trace the information back to the server and potentially steal any information. Even with firewalls up, there is still a chance that data can be lost or stolen.

For this reason, secured automated file transfer software and reverse proxy servers have been extremely helpful. This software often has several security measures in place to monitor the activity on a server, and trace any requests that appear bogus or suspicious.

A reverse proxy also adds another layer of protection by creating a buffer between the user making the request, and the server, essentially blocking the user from identifying the origin of the data. In other words, a reverse proxy blinds the user from seeing where the information is coming from.

With the help of these tools, companies have a greater chance of stopping security breaches before they happen, and keeping all of their own data, and their clients’, safe.