Do You Know Why You Should Be Using Turnkey PCB Assembly?

Small run pcb

What Makes Turnkey PCB Assembly So Special

This new type of circuit board assembly
, turnkey PCB assembly uses internet-based cloud software. Combined with traditional PCB manufacturing practices, this strategy allows circuit board assembly services to function more efficiently. After uploading design files, it is simple to receive an instant quote. And development of small batch PCB assemblies, for example, is quick and convenient for all those involved.

This is a huge indication of success for the industry. You can be sure that, with this type of fast and easy technology, the PCB industry will continue to grow at alarming rates. It has multiplied several times over the years, reaching a value of $60 billion in 2012. Today, that number only continues to climb — and with the help of innovations such as turnkey PCB assembly, this is almost guaranteed to continue.

The Benefits of PCB Turnkey Assembly:

  • Multiple Services. Companies that offer this service likely offer multiple services to entice buyers. PCB manufacturers generally take care of more than the prototyping and assembly — they also usually provide services in inventory and shipping. This takes much of the stress off of customers, allowing them to free up time for other responsibilities. This convenient service is a huge plus for customers.
  • Order As Much As You Want. With the use of modern technology and cloud software, these manufacturers are better equipped to handle orders of various sizes. Their software is likely programmed to find the most efficient way to process orders of different sizes, such as by combining several small orders into one run. Once a design is chosen and perfected, the manufacturer can produce it in any amount without incurring extra costs, providing a huge convenience to the customer.
  • Online Services Make It Easy. These manufacturers, as previously noted, allow for the quick and easy uploading of designs. With cloud software, this can be done from any where, at any time. The only thing necessary to complete this process is an internet connection. Aside from this huge benefit, manufacturers also offer other services, such as instant quotes and order tracking. The software is able to provide an instant quote as soon as customers upload their design, allowing them to make smarter decisions much faster. And, once the order is officially placed — which can also be done online — customers can track the order and see the status of it at any time.

What Else Should You Know?

These manufacturers take care of almost everything for the customer. The entire process is able to become much more efficient and streamlined, thanks to cloud based technology and the modern day internet. In fact, before PCB assembly software was produced, printed circuit boards were designed with large cut out mylar sheets, which designers would have to use to create a transparent photomask of the potential design. With the innovation of machine-assembly, shops can now complete PCB assembly in the fraction of the time it would take for hand placement. Compared to those methods, today’s software makes PCB assembly seem like a piece of cake!