You’ve Got Mail Print Media Marketing is Still Getting Customers

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It may not be true that the print medium is dead, even though the Internet provides forums for easy viewing of news, advertising, magazines, books and other entertainment. Almost all news sources are now online as well as in print, but commercial printing and printing services are still a valuable way to reach the public.

The best marketing campaign for small businesses includes both digital and print media, according to 76% of those polled. There are still so many ways to market in the world outside of the internet, with of course taking into account the importance of the virtual world in terms of consumers. Printing companies are still quite busy with marketing mail advertisements and business cards, of which over 27,000,000 are printed daily. Custom printed items can be a very unique way to get a company’s name out to the public, and there is still something nice about holding print media in your hands.

A great way to advertise is still regular mail, within the strategy of also advertising online. When a person receives promotional materials or gifts in the mail the the company’s logo on it, they will retain the company’s name 84% of the time. For example, a great use of this is a calendar related to the company because since it is actually useful, people will keep it in their house for a whole year.

It’s not surprising that people still enjoy getting mail; as a physical thing, it seems more special than the virtual piles of junk mail and spam in our email inboxes. A majority of Americans enjoy checking their mailbox, and an estimated 73% actually prefer getting mail as a form of marketing. $44.5 billion was spent on mail marketing campaigns by companies in 2014, so this medium must still be working, even if it’s because it seems romantic and antiquated. The advertising industry might say, well, whatever works!