What’s A Great Gift For An Electronics Enthusiast? Look No Further Than The Bulk Zipcord Fiber Optic Cable

It’s that time of year again. Last-minute gift shopping paired with upgrading your home before the prices go up. Where do electronics come into the equation?

If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of upgrading some of your equipment, now’s the time. Everything’s going to get expensive once winter hits, so take a few minutes to review your cables. Is your phone taking forever to charge to a full battery? What about your current Internet speed? No matter what’s been ailing you, there’s a compatible cable for that.

Last-minute gift buyers, never fear! This list will help you hone in on your next great gift…and maybe a little something for yourself, too!

Fiber Optic Cables Make A Fantastic Purchase For Experts

If you’re someone who needs a quality boost, the bulk zipcord fiber optic cable is a very classy choice. The first fiber optic cable to be used was all the way back in the 1980’s, designed to keep the United States connected to France and Britain. Since then it’s become the go-to option for electronics lovers who need the very best in quality. Unlike a traditional cable, these use a fine type of glass to create a faster-than-light connection. Talk about a conversation stater!

Everyone Could Use A Better Cell Phone Cable Charger

You don’t need to go all out with a bulk zipcord fiber optic cable. A simple cell phone charger upgrade can do wonders for making life more convenient! Cell phones today are constantly being upgraded, in one way or another. Staying ahead of the curve doesn’t mean swapping out your favorite Samsung quite yet. According to today’s experts, waiting until your phone’s at a 40% charge before plugging it in will go a long way to protect the battery.

Consider Adding An Apple Product As A Stocking Stuffer

Not quite seeing what you need? When in doubt, turn to Apple. Back in 2017, the Apple iPhone 7 accounted for an impressive 8% of smartphone sales across the United States. This is nothing to say of iPhones in general, which sell a whopping 400 phones per minute! Consider rounding out that stocking with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod product to put a smile on a loved one’s face.

Slow Internet Just Needs A Better Ethernet Cable

If your Internet’s been chugging lately, it’s likely not a sign with your provider. A commonly overlooked problem in households today is the ailing cable, burning out and long overdue for a switch. The growing standard for fast Ethernet cables is the CAT5e, though the CAT6 may prove even better for dedicated remote workers. According to the Pew Research center, as many as 75% of Americans go online every single day. What could a better CAT cable do to improve your set-up?

Improve Convenience With A Crossover Cable Or Two

You’re starting to come up with some ideas for the next gift exchange. You’re still wondering how you can make things more convenient for someone you care about. Nothing says convenience more than a crossover cable, designed to link several devices together. You can pair these alongside a bulk zipcord fiber optic cable for a well-rounded effect. Make sure you determine whether the cable is DVI to HDMI!

Prepare for the holiday season early. Hone in on the best deals now so you can save some money later!